Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Editors' Picks

Say Their Names - Love and Remember

Soul stirring spoken word and a call to humanity to remember… SackJo22’s remix of J.Lang is a beautiful and important tribute. It is also a moment for us all to contemplate. Open your heart, listen, reflect, and act.
Kara Square

Where the Moon Shines Bright

This track starts like it builds up as gospel choir in the church but takes us to the campfires at woodstock. The added harmonies here make you want to put a flower into your hair and dance and sing along.
Siobhan Dakay

Stay Calm

A beautiful dose of hope and reminder to stay calm in this troubled world. This downtempo hit combines Loveshadow’s stellar production and melodies with beats from Septahelix and powerfully vulnerable spoken word from Sackjo22. A must add to your “2020” playlist.

firestorm (nothing but a...)

Have you ROCKED OUT lately? Urmymuse’s remix of Loveshadow’s sublime vocals takes the energy to 11. Let’s go. Right now. Turn it up. Go. Rock.
Kara Square

Firefly's Candy

Yes!! Just when I was saying I needed something upbeat to listen to this streamed along!!! Whitewolf’s funkilicious remix of Apoxode is perfect for dancing one’s way out of doldrums.

Firefly Memories

by: Rewob
Rewob’s “Firefly Memories” interweaves a collection of Darkroom samples into a lush and beautiful arrangement that will have you experiencing a bit of the overview effect, with its meandering tones and textures, warm and emotional strings, and life-breathing melodies. This is a magical journey deep into the heart of Mother Earth not to be missed!

Moonlight Out of the Sky

Breathtaking, heart-opening and just utterly beautiful. The artful production of Down with Ben wrapped around Crazy Little Asian’s airy, vulnerable lyrics reminds us — it will be ok. A must listen.

get looped xxx

by: panu
Panu leads us through an energetic, toe tapping and head bobbing journey through the Land of 700P3D music. GET LOOPED into Panu’s rhythmic synth groove.

Fire Fly

Sizzling, spicy, and funky electro downtempo… Scomber’s remix of Whitewolf is ready for your next late night sultry dance party. Catch the groove and join the fireflies in the sky.
Kara Square

Wanderer (Take 2)

Turn it up, hit the road and just go go go until the past is far behind and the future is now. Admiral Bob won’t lead you astray and Sackjo22 will run her fingers through your rock and roll hair. Whew!

That's All I Want To Do

It is no secret that spinningmerkaba’s mix of panu’s fall together pell is a stellar yet unvarnished Americana band jam worthy of playback on any back porch on a warm summer night.


EPIC and INSPIRING. Madam Snowflake’s downtempo alternative rock pop remix of bangcorrupt is so cool it brings chilling goosebumps to the arms. It’s so powerful it brings hope to the darkness… like a firefly.
Kara Square

Coffee & Lullabies

by: Jeris
Jeris’remix is a warm blend of genres and tones that dance around @CrazyLittleAsian’s vocal melody and lyric. What a great pairing this is for pulling at the heartstrings.


They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway. Scomber makes them shine brighter than a supernova with this wonderful production.

A perfect song to listen too to brighten even the darkest moods. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
Mana Junkie

Still Love You.

Loveshadow’s treatment of SHA’s I still love you is beautiful, polished, elegant and touching. A top notch mix with his special touch. His treatment of her vocalsl and his is pure magic.
I’m still waiting to sign up for the LS master class on mixing.