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The Apocalypse Is Ubiquitous ...
by Speck
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Sat, Oct 10, 2020 @ 2:27 AM
permalink   Sat, Oct 10, 2020 @ 8:37 PM
they should have let it end with season four

Ha ha, this is so true.

And a couple of these for the remix.
permalink   Sun, Oct 11, 2020 @ 4:37 AM
Very cool, I quite enjoyed this song. Vocals were spot on and your lyrics are great. Thanks for creating it! Playlisted :-)
permalink   Sun, Oct 11, 2020 @ 8:03 PM
Great lyrics — I appreciate the sentiments expressed. Thanks for including me.
Kara Square
permalink   Mon, Oct 12, 2020 @ 2:13 PM
Right?!! I mean… right?!! Why are we so desensitized? I mean… I’ll go personal with it… what’s wrong with me that I find these sci fi and horror shows so very entertaining? Heck, and why do I love Halloween? The “real world” is certainly plenty terrifying enough for humanity. Of course… then we go down the path of “what is the real world?” It’s certainly been distorted lately… or has it?

Whoa. Anyway. Great, thought-provoking lyrics.
permalink   Speck Tue, Oct 13, 2020 @ 3:22 AM
“…what’s wrong with me…”

According to a quick search of the internet - nothing.
One of the quick reads ended with “everyone is wired differently”. (Which I read as “everyone is weird differently”.)

I have a younger brother who, along with his wife, have always been into the dark stuff, they even own a hearse. I used to not watch these sort of shows at all and wondered what they enjoyed so much about it. I still don’t know, but for me I think a part of the why I do now is because I’ve run out of options (I watch way too much tv). And as long as there’s a likeable character or two (and there isn’t more gore than story) I’ll invite them into my home. Which is maybe what watching tv is all about. Ersatz socialization. And escape from reality. Both being quite handy right about now.
permalink   Kara Square Tue, Oct 13, 2020 @ 12:00 PM
“According to a quick search of the internet - nothing.”

Well, that’s a relief. The internet don’t lie!

Thanks for all you shared. Made me think of “Harold and Maude” (one of my all-time favorite movies… I should give it another watch). And yeah, I think you’re right… an escape…
permalink   Speck Wed, Oct 14, 2020 @ 3:13 AM
Harold and Maude - yess!
One of my favorites too.
Peak Cat Stevens.
permalink   Thu, Oct 15, 2020 @ 12:15 PM
Netflix or the news? Fake or real? I guess the scary part is not knowing. Your remix is commentary that resonates.