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Reviews for "Always Walking"

Always Walking
by Speck
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Sun, Sep 27, 2020 @ 3:48 AM
Martin Cee (softmartin)
permalink   Sun, Sep 27, 2020 @ 7:01 AM
Speck, this is magnificent !
It’s always fascinating and somehow humbling how other mixters interpret ones spoken word: different associations, different flavorings. I also loved Stefan Kartenberg’s take on “always walking,” and yours is beautiful in a different way,more melancholy perhaps ? I love the way the beat seems to stop briefly before walking on, love the plaintive seagulls, very nice !
Big thanks & all the very best ! Martin

and BTW, I saw him the day before yesterday, just walking the country roads around out town…
permalink   Speck Sun, Sep 27, 2020 @ 7:33 AM
Thank you, Martin. Always makes me happy when one who is mixed likes the results.
permalink   Sun, Sep 27, 2020 @ 12:14 PM
Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
permalink   Mon, Sep 28, 2020 @ 4:21 AM
permalink   Mon, Sep 28, 2020 @ 9:13 AM
Right on, Speck! Strong and determined, sounds great :)
Excellent use of the loops, I always like when you make it work with a faster rate.
Thank you for including me in this remix, I appreciate your time and diligence.
permalink   Tue, Sep 29, 2020 @ 11:01 AM
Du grand travail d’assemblage avec un r├ęsultat ├ętonnant, merci d’avoir inclut l’un de mes samples.