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Reviews for "Speckish"

by septahelix
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Tue, Jan 22, 2019 @ 4:10 PM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Tue, Jan 22, 2019 @ 4:47 PM
Hello septahelix,
Strange track, a bit difficult to
Funny to call it Speckish, i see where you wanna go.
But, I prefer when you do your own stuffs, more sweeter and harmonious. I mean, You perfectly know how to built a track with a good taste for a original and catchy mix.
Thanks for included me in.
Sorry to leave this bad review, but i would like to hear you, in what you do better, your music with good stems.
(precison, my stems was bad too in this one, maybe the great fatigue of the year debut)
permalink   Tue, Jan 22, 2019 @ 6:58 PM
Incredible! Strong throughout, this is a very driven track — one of your best! Great work with the stereo spread, it really fills the space. I like the juxtaposition of your signature bass with the organic drums. The variety of sounds overall is rich and works well together. Very cool!
permalink   Wed, Jan 23, 2019 @ 4:49 AM
I like it very much. Interesting to read the two contrasting reviews. I’ve always felt that you and I mix in a similar fashion. That being said, I would have no trouble in a blind taste test recognizing this as Septahelish (and a damn fine track).
permalink   Wed, Jan 23, 2019 @ 10:05 AM