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Reviews for "Anatolia Meets Central Asian Steps"

Anatolia Meets Central Asian ...
by murat ses
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Sat, Jan 19, 2008 @ 4:57 AM
Kaer Trouz
permalink   Sun, Jan 20, 2008 @ 7:19 PM
there is a lot going on here. Honestly I had to listen about 8 times before it all started to make sense. There is much harmonic disturbance that gets resolved just as the ear has had enough. Bela Bartok would be proud. Nice work.
permalink   demir Mon, Jan 21, 2008 @ 1:08 AM
One of best comments. That’s the harmony of microtonality which makes kinda disturbance for ears. That’s what’s new and what makes Murat’s music for listening more than once :-)
Your vocal has also those fine microtonal stuff. What I find GREAT.
permalink   murat ses Mon, Jan 21, 2008 @ 1:45 AM
Hey.. am flattered
First, to make Bartok proud :-)
Second, Demir’s sense of microtonality,
thirdl.. disturbances be it harmonic or tonal; exactly what I am aiming for

Thx guys great feedback ! ! !
permalink   Sat, Jan 19, 2008 @ 5:07 AM
Interresting piece of sounds!! very experimental but for me it works!! I like unusual tracks. keep doing!!
permalink   Sat, Jan 19, 2008 @ 10:58 AM
Murat, thx for using my sample
permalink   Sat, Jan 19, 2008 @ 8:08 PM
Nice mix with some interesting twists.