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saturday and then
by kthugha
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Sat, Mar 20, 2010 @ 7:04 PM

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MC Jack in the Box
permalink   Sat, Mar 20, 2010 @ 7:32 PM
really digging this. it’s got some latent hooks and riffs that are very subtle but hook around that simple yet effective beat.
permalink   Sat, Mar 20, 2010 @ 7:37 PM
Then they all left the monastery library, and went into the noonday sun and danced.

I’m delighted that you re-imagined my basically quiet, chill-sedate pieces and phattened them up and bassed them down a bit. The exuberance in this mix is really delightful. I usually only play with beats in a kind of robotic, less exuberant way, and it’s great fun to hear what you’ve done here.
Great job! Thanks!
permalink   Sat, Mar 20, 2010 @ 7:39 PM
I’m really digging this too. Such a clean, elegant mix. I love the slow ambient sounds with the driving beat - very cool blend.
permalink   Sun, Mar 21, 2010 @ 12:30 AM
this is very cool. i am so honored to be included in the mix next to the oh so sonically divine Gurdonark. i love the twists and turns and the transitions are well executed. this track belongs on Groove Salad!

(i really enjoyed working with your samples and work btw - you have a contributed some wonderful creative work to ccM!!!)

great mix!
Mana Junkie
permalink   Sun, Mar 21, 2010 @ 4:53 AM
It’s like watching the rain fall outside my window on a Sunday Morning. This is an excellent score to watch the rain wash away the whiteness of winter away… which is exactly what I’m doing at the moment. Nicely done here!
permalink   Sun, Mar 21, 2010 @ 10:47 AM
What a lovely remix in the delicacy of the bells and the sense of wonder that is inherant in Gurdonark’s work is illuminated — what a treat! Bravo!