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Reviews for "dreaming of freedom"

dreaming of freedom
by bluebottle
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Fri, Feb 5, 2010 @ 5:01 AM

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Admiral Bob
permalink   Fri, Feb 5, 2010 @ 6:24 AM
Very good drum work. I much prefer “drums and percussion” to just drums alone. However, I barely hear the pella at all… Am I missing something?
FGrn Grn
permalink   Fri, Feb 5, 2010 @ 7:17 AM
Pretty cool
permalink   Fri, Feb 5, 2010 @ 7:20 AM
I really like the atmosphere you got going on in here — beats keep it moving, but sounds, and how you used the vocal make it interesting.
Scott Altham
permalink   Sat, Feb 6, 2010 @ 4:38 AM
Nice style. Verges on industrial almost but with clear breakbeat centre. The wide equal / spacial panning of the beat leaves the mix uncluttered and gives the background atmos room to breath. Cool