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The Golden Calf
by Jeris
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Fri, Mar 4, 2011 @ 10:54 PM
permalink   Sat, Mar 5, 2011 @ 5:20 AM
i like the bluegrass take on this (possibly a mixter first). the pickin’ & mix are top notch and some nice subtle tweaking of the vocal to make it behave. thanks.
permalink   Jeris Sat, Mar 5, 2011 @ 8:34 AM
Thank you. I immediately heard bluegrass when I heard your track, but I couldn’t make it happen, so I made a blues track around it, based around unreal_dm stems. Then I found the BarryMorgan sample and knew that would be the ‘glue’. But the blues track came out pretty good, so I saved that and found a better fit for it, another one of your songs. I’ll post it when my quota clears…guess ccM needs to take me in small quantities :)
permalink   Sat, Mar 5, 2011 @ 1:03 PM
I love the rub between the “straight” feel of the other instruments against the shuffle that I’m playing. Great work!
permalink   Jeris Sat, Mar 5, 2011 @ 9:19 PM
I tried so many different drum things with this, I really liked your sound.