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Hollywood with Brand New Jeans
by Loveshadow
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Tue, Oct 23, 2007 @ 3:02 PM

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Doghouse Riley
permalink   Thu, Nov 15, 2007 @ 11:31 AM
I’ll tell ya right now I cain’t stop laughin and no not in the what-kind-a-numbnuts-are-you-anyways kinda way but in the why-you’ve-made-me-go-all-goofy-feelin-wonderful-gawddamnyou-you-evil-bastard kinda way. I’m so tickled they may have ta pour a glass a ice tea on me ta get me to settle. I just been over to ol CGs place to actually listen through to all her original songs and then scan some of the takes of em. I don’t even remember what month this one is, I don’t thank it’s anywhere near what CG is or does or means in her lyrics and it’s the kinda shit I usually just want ta take a nine iron out and club the radio till it quits makin sound. BUT (and, as PeeWee says, that’s a big but), what you’ve done here is REMARKABLE. DANGTASTIC. I cain’t get this crazy lilting ball of happiness and goo outta my dang noggin. And ta make this from what she gave ya??!! I, I, I’ll just say (as we do down here): Well hush my mouth!
permalink   Loveshadow Thu, Nov 15, 2007 @ 4:29 PM
Now ya know i dont live far from Tellytubby land dont cha. That should give ya a hint.

But trust you to get it in one:-)
permalink   Thu, Nov 15, 2007 @ 1:11 PM
Rumor had it that one Holly Wood was a perky blond. Her father was a doctor with a fondness for nurses. This song was written for a special soundtrack, “A Rodeo Drive Christmas,” the perfect song for swinging the old shopping bag and flashing the old credit card.

This one has a killer hook. I too had to have the chorus surgically removed from my brain after only a few listens. I have since had to lock it away to protect myself.

Nice one if you like your brain taken off line for minutes at a time :-). Much admiration for the vocal edits and the lyrical rearranging.
permalink   Loveshadow Thu, Nov 15, 2007 @ 4:35 PM
warm milk, cookies , sleep overs and silk pyjamas..thats me sorted for the weekend :-)
Incoherent Mumble Train
permalink   Thu, Nov 15, 2007 @ 4:00 PM
Loveshadow. What the eff.

This is awesome, but in a way that makes me not want to like it. It’s SO sugary. So Poppy. I love it, but I think I have a cavity.

Seriously, great take on the original idea. You’ve made it your own.
permalink   Loveshadow Thu, Nov 15, 2007 @ 4:32 PM
Well IMT thats high praise from you i appreciate it.:-)

aint it cute
permalink   Tue, Oct 23, 2007 @ 5:08 PM
yes … I can see this in a commercial or movie quite easily.

high quality.
permalink   Wed, Oct 24, 2007 @ 12:31 AM
I never dared to tinker around with the lyrics of any song but after hearing this … I’m convinced. The result speaks for itself. Really cool idea!
permalink   Wed, Oct 24, 2007 @ 9:46 AM
When I first started listening to this tune, it felt like a cool, pretty straight forward pop tune with those breathy, baby doll vocals. While I’m listening to it, I check out the lyrics and a cappella on Calendargirl’s page and it hits me what you were trying to explain about cutting up the vocals and suddenly, I feel an incredible need to bow down to your genius! Wow. I’m like dude upstairs - It would have never occured to me to do that. I’m from the school of ‘respect the songwriter’s words’ fame. I keep forgetting that this is a ‘REMIX’ site. Cut ‘er up, mix ‘er up - let’s see what we end up with!!! Well done, Sir!!! I come away from this song with a renewed respect for you talented remixers up here on CCMixter!
ditto ditto
permalink   Thu, Oct 25, 2007 @ 11:03 AM
Super..Really Super..! A song in the song. Great idea…and nice song.
permalink   Thu, Nov 15, 2007 @ 12:59 PM
Buggles feel to this, LOVE IT!!
permalink   Sun, Jun 22, 2008 @ 3:35 AM
Some months ago I found the Calendar Girl website on a sunday evening surfing. I stayed awake until 3 at night to listen to that amount of remixes. This song, I played it 10 times, one after the other, I simply couldn’t stop. The original words are reassembled brilliantly and with humour to produce a simple and catching new song. I like it easy this way, I would have voted it to enter the CD selection for March. And it remains a mistery to me how can you do it in such a short time all the time!!
permalink   Loveshadow Sun, Jun 22, 2008 @ 3:50 AM
Well Carasone this comment came at a very timely point for me today and one of the great things about leaving all of this stuff on line is that someone will find it eventually and it might mean something to them.

It is one of my fav mixes too of CG and great that you took the time to find out that she never sang this way. Thanks again ;-)
Scott Altham
permalink   Tue, Dec 23, 2008 @ 10:59 AM
So you’re the lucky recipient of my 300th review and actually my last for this year (just done 20 and it time to open the Christmas Eve Eve bubbly before flying back to Liverpool to eat festively and take the michael out of my brothers).

As for the track… its been on my iTouch for a good while now, probably since I joined up to the mixter back around August time… Its one of those (and not that this is a bad thing) cheezy pop records that you really like but would never mention it down the pub with the lads. The melody full of classic shoe (clog) tapping goodness and the vocal manip is certainly as fitting as the Jeans.

Nice work… I do always wonder how you manage that ‘phat’ sound that transpires with all of your mixes… I sometimes get flimsicle (that a real word?) mixes that lack the warmth / midrange that yours always seem to fashion?… Help me out Santa (sorry… its the beard that threw me:-)

… and finally, Happy Holidays!