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Reviews for "Chill Wind"

Chill Wind
by Niemandsland
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Thu, Jan 14, 2010 @ 4:29 AM
This upload might be Not Safe For Work
permalink   Thu, Jan 14, 2010 @ 5:34 AM
Sounds like an impromptu happening, instrumentalists and vocalists well inspired. Your artist’s touch very much in evidence. Great stuff.
permalink   Thu, Jan 14, 2010 @ 8:12 AM
Very nice soundscape. I like it very much.

Great job.
permalink   Fri, Jan 15, 2010 @ 1:52 AM
A wonderful, emotional Jurgen backing track which works perfectly with ejc’s very calm way of reading her material. xxxx
permalink   Sun, Dec 19, 2010 @ 3:59 PM
The spontaneous flow of the instruments work as a fluid bed for the poetry.Beautifully done Jurgen,thank you. I sincerely appreciate every time you employ my words; they take on new meaning and depth. ejc