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Debate This!
by Stefan Kartenberg
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Sat, Jan 18, 2020 @ 5:45 PM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Sat, Jan 18, 2020 @ 6:02 PM
Thank you, Stefan, that’s very much like what I had in my mind when I sang it. It does make me think I should write a few additional verses some day.
permalink   Stefan Kartenberg Sat, Jan 18, 2020 @ 6:30 PM
Oh. I´m glad I hit your nail. You can´t belive how much ideas I had on this vocal line.I have tested many different chords and beats and they all worked very well. So it took 3 days to make my mind on this. And this is the 5th version of this song. Maybe I upload all the other projects over the year.
And yes, adding a new verse would be wonderful.
Making music with you is always much fun.
Thank you so much for beeing creativ here on ccM..
permalink   Mr_Yesterday Sat, Jan 18, 2020 @ 9:36 PM
Bitte sehr!
permalink   Sun, Jan 19, 2020 @ 8:29 AM
Excellent, harmonica, belle voix, beau texte, superbe mixage, tous les ingrédients pour faire un morceau de légende.

permalink   Stefan Kartenberg Mon, Jan 20, 2020 @ 7:11 PM
thank you
permalink   Fri, Jan 24, 2020 @ 1:38 PM
First thought: Woodstock!