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When You Said Yes
by Internal Faith Relation
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Mon, Nov 5, 2007 @ 8:50 PM

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permalink   Tue, Nov 6, 2007 @ 12:58 AM
this is unusal, i like it! x
Wave Theory
permalink   Wed, Nov 7, 2007 @ 12:31 AM
Calendargirl is right on the money here. This is so good because there is a seamlessness - a shared vision between the bleary vocal line and the alienated nocturnal cityscape that is slowly painted by the keyboards.

Like only a few of the best tracks on this site, this arrangement starts somewhere and takes you on a journey. The pacing of the arrangement is the key. It unfolds unhurriedly but there is always something intriguing going on that is interrupted or embellished at just the right moment.

The track opens with the sound of a transit train cut off by calendargirls’ simple piano block chords, a light cinematic touch that combined with the slow gear-like pulse of the synths, conveys the sense of peaking into the internal monologue of a nameless face in a rush hour crowd. The slow uncoiling reverse-effect synths recalls classic Hendrixian psychedelia that still sounds freshly demented (maybe because our world has gotten nothing but stranger 30+ years on after “3rd Stone From the Sun”).

The small almost un-noticable plea that only becomes clear in the 2nd and 3rd refrain in the vocal chorus (“I was at that place, so when you said yes - I was ready”) mirrors the slow reveal of the arrangement. By then it seems clear, as the wash of strings swallow up the remaining keyboards, that the mentioned meeting place has turned into a refuge within the memory of the song’s protagonist This is a song for of all those faces with thousand-mile-away expressions you see on commuter platforms. This is good commuter train i-pod music for those who need to picture a place in their minds where the tree line meets the beach.
permalink   Wed, Nov 7, 2007 @ 4:14 AM
I like the intro, leading into the keyboard. That quirky rubber-band melody is effective. You make the vocals fit well with your melody.
This song has its own internal logic which is not just odd but also appealing. I like the found-sound-like samples a lot. I like the little minimal break you do just before 4, and would like to hear that last a bit longer, to leaven up the heavier elements of the mix with a lighter sound.

The heavy strings-synth wall of sound just afterward is pretty enough, but it overwhelms me, just a bit, in this particular mix. It goes on just a bit long, when it would have made an interesting extro of just a goodish few number of bars. The extro just checks out, when a cool fade might work better.

I really liked this very curious mix. Good job.