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Reviews for "Space Flight"

Space Flight
by Imunar
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Mon, Feb 18, 2019 @ 4:46 AM

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permalink   Mon, Feb 18, 2019 @ 11:40 AM
Sounding good so far — all we need is for you to upload the stems for your track. Let us know if you need help with that, thanks!
Carbon Harmon
permalink   Mon, Feb 18, 2019 @ 8:16 PM
let alone stem cell research! “So Far no help will come from elsewhere.” - Carl Sagan. I miss the lab and Labrador mix or not…simple as the cosmos…right…Nice Track.
Ivan Chew
permalink   Thu, Mar 14, 2019 @ 6:40 AM
Nice looping build-up. Love the layering and chord progression. Think I’ll play with this and see if anything comes out of it. Might be able to work with this fully mixed track.