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Thu, Nov 21 11:56 PM soundtails review of move along by pneuman
No reviews wow....
Thu, Nov 21 11:49 PM soundtails review of New Life by Fireproof_Babies
FB sure miss ya we were so busy!
Thu, Nov 21 11:45 PM soundtails review of Take Care Of Eachother by My Free Mickey
Sound can say many words!! Unite!
Thu, Nov 21 11:32 PM soundtails review of Dont Stop ! ( Da Booty Shaker ) by Rizkey G
I can relate grew up with Disco! and hard labor!!
Thu, Nov 21 11:16 PM soundtails review of Wake Up America by Whitewolf
Right On! Is up to the younger gen now..I worked 23 hrs straight in 2000 electio...
Thu, Nov 21 11:08 PM soundtails review of A True Connection by Rewob
Beautiful i once worked in a hospital and became a caregiver for my Mother all w...
Thu, Nov 21 10:22 PM soundtails review of You Were You by Kara Square
We all share the same thing when it comes to loss for sure...I miss my Daughter ...
Thu, Nov 21 10:14 PM soundtails review of What Are You Conserving by Speck
Sweet Its not money for sure! I gave up my car years ago (mistake). All I wanted...
Thu, Nov 21 3:22 AM Speck review of Acoustic Guitar Guy by septahelix
Phish meets Shpongle. Very nice. Great variations/transitions.
Wed, Nov 20 7:19 PM shimoda review of Toroidal Waterfall (BrioTrioMix) by duckett
Can't believe I never noticed this remix before. This is quite amazing and I'm ...
Wed, Nov 20 5:17 PM Whitewolf review of Bitten By The Bug (Brass) by Siobhan Dakay
I have always been a fan of funky brass, and this tune doesn't bug me at all! As...
Wed, Nov 20 9:23 AM Kara Square review of Where's Weirdo by septahelix
This is so freakin' cool, septahelix. I got totally engrossed in it. Thanks for ...
Wed, Nov 20 3:23 AM Speck review of Is it possible? by reiswerk
Very cool. And fun to play while perusing 60's dance videos on youtube. Thank...
Wed, Nov 20 2:29 AM Speck review of Where's Weirdo by septahelix
Excellent adventurous mix.
Tue, Nov 19 11:16 PM Javolenus review of Modern Love/Modern War by Stefan Kartenberg
Many thanks--I'm happy you revived this old song! Excellent arrangement & produc...
Tue, Nov 19 4:08 PM geoffpeters review of To the Beat by Apoxode
Very cool!! Thank you for including me :)
Tue, Nov 19 3:49 PM Apoxode review of Where's Weirdo by septahelix
Genius work, every second is gold! I love the shift at 4:28, the bass sounds ama...
Tue, Nov 19 1:27 PM Admiral Bob review of Where's Weirdo by septahelix
Neat, like an indie movie score. I think I am playing the bass on this. :)
Tue, Nov 19 1:11 PM reiswerk review of Just a Fling by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice drive!
Mon, Nov 18 3:52 PM Apoxode review of Blue Nozzle by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Oh yeah, very nice -- the bass slaps give the rhythm some punch! Is this in 6/8 ...
Mon, Nov 18 3:50 PM Apoxode review of Melodic Techno by My Free Mickey
Cool track! I recommend putting the Creative Commons license info in the metadat...
Mon, Nov 18 3:42 PM Apoxode review of Bitten And Broken by Speck
Nice, charged up jazz -- this is hot! Diggin' that groove :)
Mon, Nov 18 12:28 PM Siobhan Dakay review of The Radiant Light Orchestra by texasradiofish
This is art. nothing less. I love the combination all the science. Wonderfull...
Mon, Nov 18 12:22 PM Siobhan Dakay review of A True Connection by Rewob
Oh...what a beautiful track. I love the pearling piano paired by the back trac...
Mon, Nov 18 2:22 AM Dan_Mantau review of Just a Fling by Stefan Kartenberg
good as ever, but you should mark it as NSFW because of the lyrics ;-)
Mon, Nov 18 1:41 AM Speck review of Blue Nozzle by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice one, a bit out there, which I like.
Sun, Nov 17 8:29 AM ELECTROHERMIT review of PERSPECTIVES by BOCrew
Just immediate MAGIC the first few seconds this song begins. BOCrew has a truly ...
Sun, Nov 17 7:12 AM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of Bitten And Broken by Speck
Very nice Speck, much enjoyed
Sun, Nov 17 5:46 AM Bluemillenium review of 40 days 40 nights by Kristian Skybound
Sun, Nov 17 5:43 AM Bluemillenium review of To the Beat by Apoxode
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