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Thu, Jan 29 2:01 PM latopa review of Peoples climate train. update by Reiswerk
RW, you created a perfect musical groove and environment.Very original Kudos
Thu, Jan 29 1:56 PM latopa review of If This Is All You See (Hip Remix) by Hip2BCube
fn. Man what a musical (production) groovy sh?& you did. I dig this mr hip. A...
Thu, Jan 29 1:48 PM snowflake review of In Peace (Somewhere Else Mix) by cdk
oh thanks for using my piano! what a lovely groove, with beautiful ambient natur...
Thu, Jan 29 11:34 AM Reiswerk review of Like Music (cdk Mix) by cdk
Like the exotic drums!
Thu, Jan 29 10:51 AM Quarkstar review of Light Think by Speck
Wonderful mix of elements combined very cleverly as only Speck can. Great groove...
Thu, Jan 29 9:27 AM ZO_Grquomba review of Starman by Syenta
Has lyrics, but is categorized as "instrumental".
Thu, Jan 29 9:23 AM ZO_Grquomba review of Pop/Rock Charts September 2013 by musikpirat
Has vocals, but is categorized as "instrumental".
Thu, Jan 29 8:20 AM Hans Atom review of Billevesée feat. Blabetté de Metz by 7OOP3D
Fantastic interpretation! Nice pop harmonies served dirty. Uplifting change of h...
Thu, Jan 29 5:36 AM Hans Atom review of Music is a Nexus by copperhead
Genius! Totally suprising and outstanding.
Thu, Jan 29 5:33 AM Hans Atom review of Hibernate by TheDICE
Splendid mix, full of great ideas. Love the organ accents on top of your guitar ...
Thu, Jan 29 3:25 AM Speck review of Peoples climate train. update by Reiswerk
Excellent. Puts me in mind of what Woody Guthrie might have sounded like at Wood...
Wed, Jan 28 6:20 PM Kara Square review of A Moment of Clarity by Astral
Cool mix, great vibe. Thanks for mixing me up!
Wed, Jan 28 3:21 PM 7OOP3D review of Blabetté de Metz - Psy-Jazz Mix by keytronic
Yeah! This one works.
Wed, Jan 28 2:58 PM Kara Square review of The Drifter - Riobravo and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
Really cool. I like the style of this a lot. The whole electro/orchestral comb...
Wed, Jan 28 2:56 PM Kara Square review of The Drifter by Riobravo
Awesome voice and songwriting! Welcome to ccM!
Wed, Jan 28 1:27 PM Reiswerk review of Light Think by Speck
Really creative and sounding Mix!
Wed, Jan 28 12:55 PM latopa review of The Massive Session by diaphane
Massive and sweet dia.
Wed, Jan 28 12:48 PM SackJo22 review of Waiting by Quarkstar
Exquisite treatment. The piano is absolutely lovely. I always appreciate your th...
Wed, Jan 28 12:26 PM SackJo22 review of SackJo22_Now_We_Are_One_Feat_Köddi by koeddi
Thanks for including me in this imaginative track. Best wishes for the new year!
Wed, Jan 28 12:23 PM latopa review of Light Think by Speck have a formula to bring the best of the samples from the musicians ...
Wed, Jan 28 12:14 PM latopa review of I Spy by Stefan Kartenberg
SK doing a ZZtop, man you have so many wild producing and musician cards in your...
Wed, Jan 28 9:31 AM SackJo22 review of Queen of Wands by Focal Chords
I love how you arranged this track -- thanks so much for remixing me. Best wishe...
Wed, Jan 28 9:29 AM SackJo22 review of Waiting (Avicii Regime Mix) + stems by stellarartwars
It's always a treat to be part of your creative world. Thanks for including me a...
Wed, Jan 28 9:26 AM SackJo22 review of My Fathers Son by Shelflife
Thank you for including me in this incredibly tender and moving song. A lovely e...
Wed, Jan 28 8:41 AM musikpirat review of National Felt (Atomösaurus erectus remix) by Hans Atom
Cowbells? Real men use cowbelts!
Wed, Jan 28 7:19 AM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of Light Think by Speck
Very nice stuff
Wed, Jan 28 5:50 AM Jeris review of Light Think by Speck
Very cool, Speck! Good use of the samples and very nice additions! Great way to ...
Wed, Jan 28 2:49 AM diaphane review of Think of Nothing by Jeris
It's absolutely delightful !!! And Orrisroot's voice is a perfect choice. I imag...
Wed, Jan 28 2:45 AM diaphane review of Winding Into Gone by Orrisroot
Your voice is delightful !!!
Wed, Jan 28 2:42 AM diaphane review of Light Think by Speck
Absolutely beautiful !!!! Great work with all these sounds and talented musician...
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