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Sun, Feb 28 3:11 AM Speck review of Graffiti Wall by Robbero
Good track. What part of it came from Ciggi's Garnet Wine?
Sat, Feb 27 7:59 PM Scomber review of scomber_-_I_ll_be_your_Everything by MalreDeszik
Dreamy dissonance! Thanks for remixing me 😀
Sat, Feb 27 3:35 AM MalreDeszik review of I Can Be An Art by Speck
Sat, Feb 27 2:38 AM Speck review of Crayon Blues by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Cool blue.
Sat, Feb 27 2:12 AM Speck review of Small town rock by Stefan Kartenberg
Solid rock.
Sat, Feb 27 12:43 AM Apoxode review of Crayon Blues by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Elegant and upbeat jazz, love the good vibes :)
Fri, Feb 26 11:16 PM Michael Burnz review of One Love, One People, One Blood by texasradiofish
that was awesome ! :-)
Fri, Feb 26 9:24 PM WolfFly review of One Love, One People, One Blood by texasradiofish
Hah, that's awesome. Really creative use of samples. Nice!
Fri, Feb 26 2:57 PM Apoxode review of Sinister Industrial Disco by gummerstreet
Diggin the electro funk :) Love your avatar pic, btw, 5 more and a wooden bowl ...
Fri, Feb 26 2:52 PM Apoxode review of Witsched by MalreDeszik
Nice and spooky, I like your description by the way, very intriguing :)
Fri, Feb 26 2:50 PM Apoxode review of durexia by Skye Jordan
Hi, Skye, is there any chance you can submit the stems as .flac files? .mid fil...
Fri, Feb 26 2:42 PM Apoxode review of tick tock waklin bass by Rhonin
Excellent backing track, thank you for sharing this :)
Fri, Feb 26 11:18 AM Carosone review of One Love Remix by Dysfunction_AL
Oh, those swelling strings! I smiled everytime I heard them. Nice!
Fri, Feb 26 9:48 AM Rhonin review of Lost My Everything by Speck
cool thanks for using me in a song
Fri, Feb 26 7:02 AM septahelix review of The Seventh Sacred Spiral by Apoxode
This is awesome Apoxode. Thanks for using the samples, especially the mandolin.
Fri, Feb 26 4:32 AM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of Pheromones(Darkroom remix) by Darkroom
Very cool
Fri, Feb 26 4:12 AM Speck review of The Seventh Sacred Spiral by Apoxode
Very nice sample edits and arrangement. Kept me engaged throughout. (I recogni...
Thu, Feb 25 1:04 PM Scomber review of Luv U by Stefan Kartenberg
Luv it! Nice easy feel. Thanks for the remix mate
Thu, Feb 25 11:12 AM Snowflake review of One Love Everlasting by spinningmerkaba
How could I ever forget this song? I loved playing it live with you -- I remembe...
Thu, Feb 25 8:14 AM Apoxode review of The Deceived by septahelix
Smiling all the way through, loved what you did with the breaks/vox, they go gre...
Thu, Feb 25 5:12 AM Charles Stardust review of Find A Reason (Tryin' 2) - DEMO by Songboy3
I rem this Sung well so many reasons more then 4 seasons and > luck. Some still...
Thu, Feb 25 3:40 AM Charles Stardust review of I will fly by Loveshadow
Beautiful A majestic like instrumental for Earth Days.
Thu, Feb 25 3:25 AM Charles Stardust review of Stay Calm by Loveshadow
Beautiful for some reason im thinking how could we make this in a universal bina...
Thu, Feb 25 3:07 AM Speck review of Three hand piano boogie by Stefan Kartenberg
Quality boogie. Thanks for the share.
Thu, Feb 25 2:57 AM Speck review of Deep in the Woods by Apoxode
This really hits a sweet spot. Feels so good.
Thu, Feb 25 2:42 AM Charles Stardust review of Galactic Raga by Darkroom
Dreamy Makam like floating in the Galaxy
Thu, Feb 25 2:20 AM Charles Stardust review of Tortured Love by Radioontheshelf
Never knew the strings came from them, it took 8 yrs to learn babies were not de...
Thu, Feb 25 1:46 AM Carosone review of Hold on by Geert Veneklaas
Welcome back! Very real string and brasses. I had remixed the pella sometime ago...
Thu, Feb 25 12:10 AM Charles Stardust review of Love's A Puzzle (Them's The Breaks) by Speck
Only thing far out is the puzzle love. I never done mushrooms, LSD x2 yrs ago th...
Wed, Feb 24 11:55 PM Charles Stardust review of Three hand piano boogie by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice, I could always use another hand.
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