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Sat, Apr 30 12:34 PM Stefan Kartenberg review of Changing Patterns .... by VickyDan
realy well done love the vocals - is it possible to upload them?
Sat, Apr 30 11:48 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of Trashy Guitar Jam by Javolenus
good idea - thanks for sharing
Sat, Apr 30 6:19 AM unreal_dm review of Changing Patterns .... by VickyDan
What a beautifully enchanting track. Great production and vocals - Many thanks ...
Sat, Apr 30 5:37 AM VickyDan review of twenty one delirious by Stefan Kartenberg
Always perfect sounds ....
Sat, Apr 30 5:34 AM VickyDan review of keep on running by kris_sky
Sat, Apr 30 5:11 AM Bluemillenium review of keep on running by kris_sky
Beautiful fusion of two pistes.Bravo
Sat, Apr 30 1:16 AM unreal_dm review of your day by kris_sky
Nice fit to the vocal - many thanks for using the samples.
Sat, Apr 30 12:45 AM Bluemillenium review of Delay Lama by Stefan Kartenberg
Fabuleux, bravo !
Fri, Apr 29 9:50 PM short hopper review of Hello Darling by kizzylotus
Just saw your piece used in a reverb plugin demo. I left them a note about attri...
Fri, Apr 29 5:27 AM unreal_dm review of Sister Midnight & The Barn Dance Gang by texasradiofish
All good clean fun and very nicely put together thanks for the include.
Fri, Apr 29 5:24 AM unreal_dm review of da Brum .... by VickyDan
Very nice delicate orchestration of Panu’s Pella.
Thu, Apr 28 8:34 PM duckett review of Deez Bells by Speck
Many thanks for including not just one, but two Duckett noises in this- a gre...
Thu, Apr 28 12:01 PM colab review of Untitled PVC Quena_JA rearrange by naotko
so this is where you've been hiding out. I almost wish I had never mentioned cc...
Thu, Apr 28 11:07 AM colab review of cityGarden by airtone
this is my favourite type of vocals by Susan - clean, simple - and you've made r...
Thu, Apr 28 9:48 AM VickyDan review of It's Not a Game by unreal_dm
Always a certain perfection in what you realize .... I like this ballad. Perfect...
Thu, Apr 28 9:37 AM latopa review of Deez Bells by Speck
Speckos...(Reminds me of the creative shit of Prince)A Master Musician!!! I...
Thu, Apr 28 7:49 AM colab review of snooze by airtone
beautiful. I've tried this pella a few times but was never fully happy with how ...
Thu, Apr 28 3:36 AM Speck review of part time wolves by colab
Nice respectful remix, adding your touch without subtracting too much from the e...
Wed, Apr 27 11:58 PM Aussens@iter review of Acoustic riff 2 by jonathan_a
Very, very nice! :)
Wed, Apr 27 11:56 PM Aussens@iter review of Electric guitar riff 1 by jonathan_a
Nice riff. It sounds a bit "flat". Less distortion and a bit more midrange could...
Wed, Apr 27 12:16 PM latopa review of da Brum .... by VickyDan
The intro, is majestic. I dare ccm mixers to mix=x this one with a PRINCE Vibe.
Tue, Apr 26 1:08 PM stellarartwars review of Just Beginning by Aussens@iter
Love this, if we had any cash we'd pay you to work for us. The piano part is ...
Tue, Apr 26 11:15 AM Piranha771 review of Endless by Psykick
This track is so awesome. I use it while work and somehow I can't get sick of it...
Mon, Apr 25 8:11 PM SackJo22 review of Be What You Are by unreal_dm
Fantastic crystaline sound, and stellar performances (as always). Bravo!
Mon, Apr 25 7:38 PM Scomber review of twenty one delirious by Stefan Kartenberg
Hey Stefan, i really like what youve done here. Great matching the shuffle with ...
Mon, Apr 25 1:36 PM reiswerk review of twenty one delirious by Stefan Kartenberg
Tolle Percussions!
Mon, Apr 25 1:56 AM Javolenus review of No money = living hell ? (perfect duet? 3) by veezyn
This is cool. Works very well. Impressive how you did this! Many thanks for incl...
Sun, Apr 24 12:31 PM Vidian review of It's Only Me by Donnie Ozone
Very cool rap, I thought you said "i make my own tracks put Prince in the sand" ...
Sun, Apr 24 10:17 AM rocavaco review of Run away! by reiswerk
Haha - jetzt weiß ich, warum man wasserdichte Kameras braucht :)
Sun, Apr 24 9:37 AM short hopper review of No money = living hell ? (perfect duet? 3) by veezyn
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