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Sun, Apr 23 7:06 PM texasradiofish review of atomic city usa by urmymuse
Shelter in place Against the wall or under desk Head between legs Ed Pick!
Sun, Apr 23 6:38 PM texasradiofish review of The Test by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Like this a lot, MdB Excellent Paunuski feel Have you tried listening after cut...
Sun, Apr 23 6:28 PM texasradiofish review of Evolution (Featuring KungFuFrijters) by spinningmerkaba
You say you remixed evolution Well, you know We all want to change the world Yo...
Sun, Apr 23 6:07 PM Kara Square review of Evolution (Featuring KungFuFrijters) by spinningmerkaba
Awww yeah! How fun, catchy, and flippin' cool! I love how you join KungFu's mant...
Sun, Apr 23 6:06 PM panu review of The Test by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Yep. . . that'll work. . . . ! Thxs.
Sun, Apr 23 6:04 PM panu review of Deliver Me by Speck
Really nice use of the space, Mr. Speck. Thxs. . . . . . !
Sun, Apr 23 6:02 PM Kara Square review of atomic city usa by urmymuse
Ahhhh yes! Exactly what I needed! Breezy and ultra-cool! I would love to hear yo...
Sun, Apr 23 5:54 PM Mana Junkie review of Got me a Woman to Love by Scomber
I diggs it.
Sun, Apr 23 5:52 PM Mana Junkie review of #Codebreaker #Heartbreaker by texasradiofish
This is one hell of a mix. :)
Sun, Apr 23 5:43 PM spinningmerkaba review of #Codebreaker #Heartbreaker by texasradiofish
Thank you TRF!!! The dialogue is mind-blowing, fast-paced and hilarious, and th...
Sun, Apr 23 3:27 PM urmymuse review of Who´ll play the Blues? by Hans Atom
Super cool Hans!!!
Sun, Apr 23 3:02 PM Zep Hurme review of Cut n Play 01 by Jihfa
Your mix contains copyright material. Please remove it.
Sun, Apr 23 1:57 PM Mr_Yesterday review of atomic city usa by urmymuse
Yep, makes me want to just keep driving my red Impala convertible right off the ...
Sun, Apr 23 1:35 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Those Sweet Words by Snowflake
Thanks for this gem of a performance. It's been remixed well and often, but I ho...
Sun, Apr 23 1:14 PM Darkroom review of #MOAD (Transformer) by Siobhan Dakay
Great production!
Sun, Apr 23 1:14 PM duckett review of To Remind You by Admiral Bob
Congrats on a great remix! That "Guitarish" was actually an EP patch on my XV-50...
Sun, Apr 23 1:11 PM Darkroom review of Altar (Junkieloop Exception) by 7OOP3D
Sun, Apr 23 12:31 PM soundtails review of nightRain by airtone
Chill Nice!
Sun, Apr 23 12:11 PM Snowflake review of Banjo Was Abandoned by Speck
I love this from the first note! Energetic rhythms and sounds swirling around Ka...
Sun, Apr 23 12:05 PM Snowflake review of In Your Face by Stefan Kartenberg
That bass line!!! This is so strong, so powerful -- I feel invincible just liste...
Sun, Apr 23 12:03 PM Snowflake review of nightRain by airtone
Gorgeous. The piano melody and treatment is perfection. The simplicity of the or...
Sun, Apr 23 12:02 PM Snowflake review of Kotha by Chandan Boruah
Incredibly deep and captivating bass and rhythm. Wonderful sounds and melodies t...
Sun, Apr 23 12:00 PM Snowflake review of Hard Wired by Kara Square
The string melody that opens this track, and weaves beyond, is brilliant! This h...
Sun, Apr 23 11:53 AM Snowflake review of Altar (Junkieloop Exception) by 7OOP3D
This gets a huge big WOW!! An absolutely impressive use of source material -- th...
Sun, Apr 23 11:48 AM Snowflake review of Top of the edge by Quarkstar
Yes!!! This is radio-worthy! Congrats on the Ed Pick -- very well deserved. Each...
Sun, Apr 23 11:46 AM Snowflake review of Cricket Soup (New Recipe Mix) by Mana Junkie
i love the melody you created out of the cricket sounds -- so cool! i'm outside,...
Sun, Apr 23 11:42 AM Snowflake review of #MOAD (Transformer) by Siobhan Dakay
The music is taking me! I love the low, ambient tones underlying this mix, sprin...
Sun, Apr 23 11:34 AM Snowflake review of Scomber Mashupremix by Abstract Audio
This is IMPRESSIVE!!!! Wow, from the bold intro through each section, I am pulle...
Sun, Apr 23 11:33 AM Snowflake review of Time Rush by reusenoise
I am immediately taken in by the deep, danceable rhythm. you've done a lot of in...
Sun, Apr 23 11:30 AM Snowflake review of nouvel amour remix by Martin Cee (softmartin)
i love this in concept and execution. your acoustic guitar amid the space you've...
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