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Wed, Apr 8 5:57 PM spinningmerkaba review of Pandemic everyday life by reiswerk
I love the feel of this reiswerk. I kinda want to sing another version using yo...
Wed, Apr 8 1:34 PM Kara Square review of This Heavy Cloud So Dark by Subliminal
This is so good. Intense and beautiful arrangement. Very sympathetic to the word...
Wed, Apr 8 12:13 PM airtone review of The Groove (airtone) by Darkroom
like this style, thanks very much for the remix
Wed, Apr 8 9:27 AM Carosone review of Child by Jeris
Jeris, I also like this even if not many are leaving reviews as Modern Love. The...
Wed, Apr 8 9:18 AM reiswerk review of Just Got You. by Loveshadow
Club Mukke, yeah!!
Wed, Apr 8 9:15 AM reiswerk review of Butterfly Woke by Jeris
I like it a lot!
Wed, Apr 8 9:08 AM panu review of This Heavy Cloud So Dark by Subliminal
100 's UP!!!
Wed, Apr 8 9:01 AM Apoxode review of Raining Again by MusicalSketches
Sounds pretty cool, and the stems are solid -- well done :)
Wed, Apr 8 6:20 AM Javolenus review of This Heavy Cloud So Dark by Subliminal
Yep--quality work.
Wed, Apr 8 3:07 AM Rizkey G review of Coming Home by Snowflake
Powerful Snowflake. No matter what we as individuals perceive this time to be ?...
Wed, Apr 8 2:58 AM Rizkey G review of Stayin' at Home (feat. Duckett) by Kara Square
I cant quite put my finger on it .. but sometimes Kara you sound like a band mem...
Wed, Apr 8 2:51 AM Rizkey G review of Corona Fears by Apoxode
That is some band you created here !
Wed, Apr 8 2:23 AM Darkroom review of resonance by airtone
Wed, Apr 8 2:19 AM Darkroom review of Social Distancing (Extended Mix) (w/ Darkroom) by Whitewolf
Awesome job on the mix. Stay safe and best wishes for your mothers situation.
Tue, Apr 7 7:44 PM Jeris review of Open (septahelix remix) by septahelix
Cool, nice to hear the hang drum in a remix!
Tue, Apr 7 7:24 PM SackJo22 review of So I stay home by Abstract Audio
Digging the sound and the feel. I hope you are staying well.
Tue, Apr 7 7:12 PM SackJo22 review of The Time Within by Carosone
Lovely composition. Lovely lyrics. Lovely sound. I hope you and yours are st...
Tue, Apr 7 4:51 PM Scomber review of Butterfly Woke by Jeris
Good to have you back on the site Jeris! Yeah i agree with LS, like a lost 80s P...
Tue, Apr 7 1:35 PM Carosone review of Bread of Heaven (a Parallel Us-Universe Space-Hymn) Speck re-mix by Anchor
I like the contrast between you all opera singers singing so long, long melodies...
Tue, Apr 7 1:06 PM Carosone review of You Do You, Mana Junkie by essesq
The colder synth is gorgeous. When the sequence comes out, voice is chopped and ...
Tue, Apr 7 12:44 PM Carosone review of I Float On (featuring Snowflake) by Speck
Well, we all like that you didn't the classical remix that all of us would have ...
Tue, Apr 7 12:28 PM Carosone review of Kara's Wise Counsel (Numbers) by duckett
Yes, the pads are ok, but at 2'00 (compassion phase) the track really takes off ...
Tue, Apr 7 10:46 AM Jonatha Chance review of Coming Home by Snowflake
"Coming Home" by Snowflake is an infectiously optimistic, brilliantly produced ...
Tue, Apr 7 10:35 AM Jonatha Chance review of the universe sings ft. jonatha chance by kthugha
Thank you for this. I love hearing what others discover emerging from my work.
Tue, Apr 7 9:24 AM Kara Square review of Where Nothing Feels Wrong by spinningmerkaba
Jason! This freakin' ROCKS!! Super catchy. Really well done. That's your trumpet...
Tue, Apr 7 9:15 AM Kara Square review of Stayin' At Home by Speck
Okay. So I love this. I feel like it's how my brain often sounds lately. Capturi...
Tue, Apr 7 9:11 AM Javolenus review of Erdfall by Kraftamt
Tue, Apr 7 9:09 AM Kara Square review of SUPERPOWER (feat Siobhan Dakay) by Loveshadow
Ya' got me. Beautiful words, beautiful mix... full of truth and love. Thank you.
Tue, Apr 7 9:06 AM Kara Square review of funkyGarden by Jeris
Chillaxing to the max... lovely. Thanks for leaving no mixter behind! And thanks...
Tue, Apr 7 9:02 AM Kara Square review of You're All I've Got (and That's Not Much) by mwic
So this line: I’m not sexy enough for my shirt. HAHAHAHA! So funny. Actually...
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