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Wed, Feb 28 12:22 AM texasradiofish review of How Are You Lonely? (re-mastered) by DreamSynth
dig the rhythm
Wed, Feb 28 12:19 AM texasradiofish review of Tinnitus Boogie by Zenboy1955
Born to Boogie and lose your hearing :0)
Wed, Feb 28 12:12 AM texasradiofish review of Hobo's Son by Radioontheshelf
Nicely done and flavorful.
Wed, Feb 28 12:06 AM texasradiofish review of Still Loving You by Skye Jordan
Wed, Feb 28 12:04 AM texasradiofish review of Twiddler Laying Bricks in the Wall (Pink Floyd Redux) by spinningmerkaba
Tue, Feb 27 11:57 PM texasradiofish review of Tu eres mi musa (New World Polka) by spinningmerkaba
In the 1970s in El Paso, we sometimes played in cumbia and Latin rock bands. We ...
Tue, Feb 27 11:40 PM texasradiofish review of For Better, For Worse by Radioontheshelf
Gypsies by the road ... shades of Peaky Blinders There was one song used duri...
Tue, Feb 27 11:35 PM texasradiofish review of Although changed, I arise the same by Ismail Mahmuti
groovy rhythm
Tue, Feb 27 11:31 PM texasradiofish review of GLASSHEART by Siobhan Dakay
Tue, Feb 27 8:28 PM Robert Warrington review of Alchemist Apprentice by Snowflake
A gorgeous piece of co-creation.
Tue, Feb 27 6:01 PM Apoxode review of Be Brave by raja_ffm
Strong rock ballad, wonderfully nuanced backing track all through out -- vocals ...
Tue, Feb 27 5:59 PM Apoxode review of Old Mens Bridges by Radioontheshelf
Transcends the original mixversation, and fares quite well in this new context. ...
Tue, Feb 27 5:49 PM Apoxode review of AGRY - Computing Systems by Muso Miozoto
Intriguing description of an unusual typing format as well as it's jingle :) ...
Tue, Feb 27 5:47 PM Apoxode review of Emma Virginia Alderman (excerpt) by AmonRowleyInstitute
Sweetly performed, a clever way to teach history :)
Tue, Feb 27 5:44 PM Apoxode review of I try and write a song by Vibhu Tewary
Tongue in cheek humor, nice :)
Tue, Feb 27 5:43 PM Apoxode review of Autopilot (Hindi) by Vibhu Tewary
Interesting poem, loses some of the impact with translation :)
Tue, Feb 27 11:00 AM Apoxode review of What If (experimental improvisation 12,14,2023) by Speck
... Oh man, buckling up for this ride, you *immediately* hooked me with the glid...
Tue, Feb 27 10:44 AM Apoxode review of Dranetown by jaspertine
Awesome! Just north of minimal, spot on groovy jazz -- gives me the Herbie Hanco...
Tue, Feb 27 10:29 AM Apoxode review of Manchester Angel (Trad.) by Javolenus
Smooth sailing groove, love the dynamic nuances! The delay in your mix gives it...
Tue, Feb 27 10:24 AM Apoxode review of Morning Dog by Vibhu Tewary
Nicely done, a good song starter or interstitial work :)
Tue, Feb 27 10:21 AM Apoxode review of Unspoken by Anchor
Enthralling and solemn at the same time, such a wonderful way to hear SackJo22 a...
Tue, Feb 27 10:15 AM Vibhu Tewary review of All The Same Patterns by Apoxode
Light hearted and fun to listen
Tue, Feb 27 6:07 AM Robert Warrington review of K A B A by Bernard L'ermite
The downtempo take totally pays off. You've pulled a different but really intere...
Tue, Feb 27 5:54 AM Anchor review of All The Same Patterns by Apoxode
You know how to have fun! Thanks!
Tue, Feb 27 5:09 AM Speck review of All The Same Patterns by Apoxode
Indeed, I got distracted checking out your sources and ended up downloading most...
Tue, Feb 27 4:45 AM Speck review of HTDT by martinsea
Nice combination of source tracks and original thought. Well done. And I kno...
Tue, Feb 27 4:30 AM Speck review of In a groove by Anchor
In a groove redux. Very nice.
Tue, Feb 27 4:03 AM Speck review of Not yet (Acid) by musikpirat
Intense. Enjoyed.
Tue, Feb 27 12:17 AM coruscate review of REACTION by genghis
Apoxode was right, there are a TON of quality Acapellas on CCmixter that have ne...
Mon, Feb 26 11:22 PM spinningmerkaba review of All The Same Patterns by Apoxode
Thanks for including me in this trippy funk number!
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