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Fri, Jan 17 10:26 PM texasradiofish review of Mad Symphony 2020 by coruscate
DAW sequencer and da processa LOL very entertaining mix, C
Fri, Jan 17 10:20 PM texasradiofish review of this is seattle by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Creatively weird. Does keep ones attention.
Fri, Jan 17 10:15 PM texasradiofish review of Trillium Line by Admiral Bob
Funky duty, AB
Fri, Jan 17 10:13 PM texasradiofish review of DReam by K
Like the accompaniment and song, K. Has a nice modern radio pop feel. However, h...
Fri, Jan 17 9:40 PM texasradiofish review of i.rebel strong man accap 135.95 bpm by i_rebel
Fri, Jan 17 4:10 PM geoffpeters review of Confederation Line by Admiral Bob
Dear Admiral Bob, This is so lovely!! I love the mood you've created here :) And...
Fri, Jan 17 1:25 AM Speck review of Galliard (Anthony Holborne) by Javolenus
Very nice. Well played.
Thu, Jan 16 10:48 PM Javolenus review of Jazzee Symphony by septahelix
That's a very cool groove--excellent remix!
Thu, Jan 16 4:32 PM Rizkey G review of Shehnai- Let the beat hit em- Remix by J.Lang
Phunkee Kool
Thu, Jan 16 3:21 AM Apoxode review of Jazzee Symphony by septahelix
Now that's a wild adventure! I totally dig all the treatments of the different s...
Thu, Jan 16 12:35 AM Speck review of Glowing Mints by Apoxode
Another cool track. This one reminded me of The Story Of Hip-Hop by the Books.
Wed, Jan 15 8:01 PM solos_to_use review of Glowing Mints by Apoxode
Very nice!
Wed, Jan 15 1:35 PM Michael Burnz review of Focus on Love by Jeris
hey Jeris it's Michael Burnz. Could you email me please ... ...
Wed, Jan 15 12:07 PM shimoda review of Glowing Mints by Apoxode
Had to like this right from the top. What a chill, but subtly evolving low jam ...
Wed, Jan 15 9:28 AM Mr_Yesterday review of I Wanna Dance by Speck
Wow, didn't see (hear?) that coming... How *do* you do it? Nice! You've tappe...
Wed, Jan 15 7:36 AM Apoxode review of I Wanna Dance by Speck
Super smooth, I like how well you mixed the vocals in with that funky groove! T...
Wed, Jan 15 7:32 AM Apoxode review of Trillium Line by Admiral Bob
So bright and smooth, so positive and relaxing, I love it! Thank you so much fo...
Wed, Jan 15 5:30 AM Admiral Bob review of I Wanna Dance by Speck
I see what you mean. Wow, it really does fit! Sounds great.
Wed, Jan 15 2:03 AM Speck review of Trillium Line by Admiral Bob
Very nice. Did you do this with Mr_Yesterday's vocal in mind? Or was that just a...
Wed, Jan 15 1:51 AM Speck review of Debate This! by Mr_Yesterday
I usually wake up feeling neutral. This helped move the needle to the positive s...
Wed, Jan 15 12:37 AM coruscate review of Fly by ElectroActive
This is a very good cinematic style piece. Thanks for sharing! Here's another f...
Wed, Jan 15 12:34 AM coruscate review of So High by reiswerk
I like it, it's a real great mix! But I also know I mixed the acapella myself so...
Wed, Jan 15 12:28 AM coruscate review of Grandma's clock by Doxent Zsigmond
This is very useful! Thanks for sharing!
Wed, Jan 15 12:27 AM coruscate review of Dont Run On Drugs by djolliej
This is some funky, dangerous sounding material. Begs for an emcee 8^)
Wed, Jan 15 12:25 AM coruscate review of Trio (c) by unreal_dm
This is very authentic sounding rock and roll. Flat out. It needs a Decca album ...
Wed, Jan 15 12:20 AM coruscate review of RIP: scene 1 by opensourcecinema
Well for one, this is a transfixiating chillout mix. It's good. Thanks for shari...
Wed, Jan 15 12:15 AM coruscate review of Sample 1 by eggodeus
Sometimes these little samples are what people need. Sometime soon this is going...
Wed, Jan 15 12:09 AM coruscate review of Uh-Oh by duckett
WAY AWESOME! I was putting together a scary mix and stumbled across this while s...
Wed, Jan 15 12:06 AM coruscate review of killa beat by Acradian Burn
This is a seriously dope beat, it's no wonder it's featured in so many mixes!
Tue, Jan 14 11:45 PM coruscate review of Closer by Marc Deon
Very slow and church like. I dig it.
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