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Tue, Feb 20 11:30 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Chances by Aussens@iter
I'm honored to be associated with anything titled "Bonzo's Revenge"...
Tue, Feb 20 9:53 AM RizkeyG review of You're The Change by Aussens@iter
Tue, Feb 20 8:12 AM RizkeyG review of Dancing Like A Maniac (Vocals) by Sybil Smith
YOu have given me enough inspiration take it for a little spin !
Tue, Feb 20 3:38 AM Speck review of River Monkey by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Very cool.
Mon, Feb 19 9:14 PM vigwig review of Oiga Usted Señora by La_Puerta
This is a haunting, infectious acapella as delivered from the dulcet throat of M...
Mon, Feb 19 6:10 PM Kara Square review of Dream of You by texasradiofish
Ummm... this is a funky blast! Catchy and fun. Thank you for the include. It's a...
Sun, Feb 18 4:35 AM Speck review of Dream of You by texasradiofish
Great clean funk.
Sun, Feb 18 4:30 AM Speck review of Chances by Aussens@iter
Top notch group of uploads. Very skilled.
Sat, Feb 17 4:53 AM Admiral Bob review of You're The Change by Aussens@iter
You know, if you still have time, I'd be willing to record those vocals tempo-ed...
Sat, Feb 17 2:10 AM Speck review of zombie attack by Bluemillenium
Excellent cinematic sound/feel.
Fri, Feb 16 1:39 PM Glaca review of Glaca Oni przyszli - Antibody Mix by naphoos
Cool! I love the beat sound.
Fri, Feb 16 1:35 PM Glaca review of Glaca - Oni Przyszli (TROM RMX) by trom
Good Approach !
Fri, Feb 16 12:45 PM Ciera Elizabeth Hoover review of Honey, Just Don't by Stefan Kartenberg
I was so excited to see that you remixed my vocals. And it sounded wonderful! I ...
Thu, Feb 15 3:10 PM Glaca review of Glaca-Oni przyszli (Remix MaXoM & Tomek Gąsowski) by MaXoM_Gonzo
Enjoyed this one !
Thu, Feb 15 11:23 AM Snowflake review of Miracles by Beyolie
i am totally digging the rhythm and bass. the way you add extra instrumentation/...
Thu, Feb 15 10:47 AM robwalkerpoet review of Accidental Funk (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
Just. Wow.
Thu, Feb 15 10:01 AM soundtails review of Skyline by Stefan Kartenberg
This would of been cool to hear playing when Kim/Shaun did their thing on them s...
Thu, Feb 15 5:36 AM Aussens@iter review of Free in Philadelphia (ft. Tobias Weber) by robwalkerpoet
This is the first time after two years that I've listened to this song again, an...
Thu, Feb 15 5:28 AM Aussens@iter review of The Colour Of Quarter Lain Rock by Speck
Great concert! Many thanks for including me!
Mon, Feb 12 1:56 PM Snowflake review of in peace 2018 by kris_skywork
so lovely. thanks for remixing me!
Mon, Feb 12 1:22 PM Snowflake review of Love Mountain by RizkeyG
what a killer bass line! digging the percussion and drums! such a great groove. ...
Mon, Feb 12 1:19 PM Snowflake review of Embrace The Taste by Aussens@iter
i love the smooth vibe of this mix! incredible guitar playing! wonderful bass an...
Mon, Feb 12 3:19 AM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of The Colour Of Quarter Lain Rock by Speck
Sun, Feb 11 11:00 PM Martin Cee (softmartin) review of The Test by Zep Hurme
to be honest, the tears were runnning down my cheeks when I listened to this thi...
Sun, Feb 11 11:50 AM duckett review of Naturally by Alex
When the bass kicked in, combined with the energetic drums, it tickled my brain ...
Sat, Feb 10 2:18 AM Javolenus review of Perpetuum Mobile by Karstenholymoly
Awesome! Fantastic sounds & such a cool groove. Wonderful mix.
Sat, Feb 10 2:15 AM Javolenus review of Freedom is Big by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Dat's Kool! Yep, I dig it. Wonderful additions & spoken-word audio works well. A...
Fri, Feb 9 9:25 PM grapes review of Morning Star by Jeris
Love it
Wed, Feb 7 1:08 PM soundtails review of Traveling Lights by texasradiofish
Rockin Track got that funkin space feel and watching the Starman riding a tesLa ...
Wed, Feb 7 12:23 AM texasradiofish review of Moonrise by Stefan Kartenberg
Super Blue Blood Moon!
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