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Wed, May 27 5:52 AM Siobhan Dakay review of The Definite Becomes Reality by Speck
Oh. WOW....this is a nice use of the samples. I can't believe I did the samples....
Wed, May 27 5:42 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of No No More by Scomber
like it much
Wed, May 27 5:37 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of You (E-Bossa) by Siobhan Dakay
very nice electronic mix
Wed, May 27 5:34 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of The Definite Becomes Reality by Speck
nice blend of quality steems
Wed, May 27 5:15 AM Speck review of You (E-Bossa) by Siobhan Dakay
Intriguing right from the lo-fi intro and from there my interest never waned. Ni...
Wed, May 27 5:08 AM Speck review of Katie's Song Dubstep Remix by Elysa
Unusually minimal for dubstep, but cool.
Wed, May 27 5:04 AM Speck review of Now We're Talkin' (Stems) by lrockhq
Great playing, sounds relaxed and well practiced. Thanks for sharing these sampl...
Wed, May 27 4:54 AM Speck review of stormClouds by airtone
Nice textural variety and a calmly forward moving arrangement. Much enjoyed.
Wed, May 27 4:48 AM Speck review of Epitaphe by Robbero
A lot of cool with not a lot of material. I like this a lot.
Wed, May 27 4:41 AM Speck review of Shallow Waters (trustno1 mix) by trustno1
Contemplative it is. Nicely done.
Wed, May 27 4:36 AM Speck review of Fleur du Mal by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice high bass lead.
Wed, May 27 3:30 AM stellarartwars review of He Lives in the Moment - VOCALS by Kara Square
:) back in action again after a month in rehab - look forward to new mixes
Wed, May 27 3:00 AM DipsyJade review of I'll Wait by unreal_dm
Not quite young, but high musical quality.
Wed, May 27 1:09 AM Javolenus review of Romance for Piano and Cello by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
That's awesome - Kudos!
Tue, May 26 11:45 PM timberman review of forest by airtone
What a pleasant surprise. The horns are perfect for the mood of the lyric and yo...
Tue, May 26 7:52 PM snowflake review of Shallow Waters by Zep Hurme
I love the melodic pattern of that synth (?) that runs throughout. Compelling. W...
Tue, May 26 7:43 PM snowflake review of Reflection by One Project
I love this! Dido meets Enigma (I love both). What a great arrangement with wond...
Tue, May 26 12:48 PM Jeris review of No No More by Scomber
Super super catchy...great songwriting! I could listen to this all day.
Tue, May 26 12:42 PM Jeris review of Serenity by unreal_dm
Excellent remix of one of my favorite songs on ccM...can hardly even call this a...
Tue, May 26 12:21 PM davemerrick review of CanYouDigIt-DiscoSamba by GViran
Thanks for remixing me man. Sounds great! Better than my first remix, for damn...
Tue, May 26 11:47 AM fourstones review of accapella by Justine Vickery
This is lovely vocal and song - but it will be a tough sell for remixers because...
Tue, May 26 9:27 AM DipsyJade review of Make a Change by unreal_dm
Different, but great musical quality.
Tue, May 26 7:28 AM panu review of No No More by Scomber
perfect song for an extended jam at the beach. . . . really nice sonic field, to...
Tue, May 26 5:23 AM Speck review of down by clonent
Very cool. I like the mood, the wicked guitar and the vocal treatments (you shou...
Tue, May 26 5:11 AM panu review of The Little Things by Q6
strong track! excellent vocal placement.
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