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The X-Structure (xstructure):

The X-Structure (xstructure)

About Me
The X-Structure was formed in the dark winter months of 2008 when the air was icy cold and no one dared venture out late at night. It was a moment marked with purposeful resolution and diligent preparation. Forged from the distant echoes of outer space and the profound imagination of Man, The X-Structure’s formation was divinely guided. And so although this was what appeared to be the formation of the band known as The X-Structure it had in fact begun much earlier in time…

It all started countless millennia ago when the grand tapestry of the universe was created, and this with the utmost intent. Through the slow moving strokes of time an image resembling that of an X was marked off on the proverbial map of the universe. It presence etched out on a great plane of dark blue light, standing proudly in its lofty position, majestically heralding its Creator. Now back on a peculiar planet called Planet Earth, during the Age of Man, the paths of four intrepid adventurers crossed on four different junctions in time. They had all met through Starrzan, one of the four, who was part of an organisation called Adventures on Planet Earth. Shortly after their encounter with him they each joined the ranks of this organisation because of their common ideals.

Adventures on Planet Earth, also known as APE, was established as a global non-profit organisation with its primary goal being to share the goodness of life with everyone. This they accomplish through various initiatives aimed at raising the public’s awareness to specific social and environmental issues in their community and to call forth action by providing a creative and effective plan of action. Through their interaction with the public they use music as one of the main mediums to transmit their messages. Adventure and exploration forms part of the core activities which its members partake in. These adventures takes on many forms and APE’s ideals are not to merely be spectators in life but to experience and share the fullness of it through the wonder of nature and the appreciation of all the good things that are found in life.

So it was the spirit of exploration and the pursuit of adventure that brought the band together but there were two other things that would strengthen their bond of friendship and reveal in them something greater than themselves. One was found within each member’s intrinsic ability to express themselves musically. The other was found in their adoration and reverence for the ultimate source of their creative and physical being, The Creator of All. This was the key to their bond and their common vision of life was the door to be unlocked. Thus The X-Structure was formed as an elite unit of APE, utilising their specialised skills of music and adventure, to fulfill their mission of experiencing and sharing the goodness of life.

Within the band each member’s personality is reflected in the instruments they play. Each member also possesses uniquely honed skills that are invaluable to the team when in the field.

Starrzan is the team leader, the pathfinder, whose melodies lead the way forward. Chacma is the time keeper, the climber, whose beats and rhythm keeps the band on time. Nightowl is the mood seeker, the scout, whose elusive and mysterious nature reveals the movement of the unknown. Epic Beard is the silent speaker, the tactician, whose epic tales resound with wisdom and with grace.

With every expedition they return from they retell the story of their adventure through the grand universal language of music, where the listener’s imagination joins them on the trip.
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Wed, Jun 25, 2008
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