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Fri, Apr 12 8:47 PM wildbillvernon review of Economic Hitmen (pella in downloads) by lonnie
Great blues, drum track does help
Thu, Apr 11 11:01 AM wildbillvernon review of 7th Dimension IV-1 by CSoul
cool tune dude.
Thu, Apr 11 10:58 AM wildbillvernon review of by Alex
I like your version, quite different, I'll be playing it more. I'm also going to...
Sun, Mar 31 10:08 AM wildbillvernon review of Sick as a Robot by DJ Rkod
I like this mix, it is quite different from the other Militia Mix stuff I've hea...
Sat, Mar 23 9:48 AM wildbillvernon review of The Same Light Shines by unreal_dm
good tune man, sackjo has a great voice and your accompaniment is perfect behind...
Thu, Mar 21 11:37 AM wildbillvernon review of Canary Wharf by Quarkstar
I really like your stuff, I've recommended you for all songs. You're an inspirat...
Thu, Mar 21 10:28 AM wildbillvernon review of April (ft calendargirl) by Quarkstar
Hey Quarkstar, Great stuff man, I 've listened to several of your tunes and like...
Thu, Oct 4 8:43 AM wildbillvernon review of Rock Loops 76 BPM - Bad Attraction Ft. Brad Sucks by coruscate
Hey, i think you picked well with Brad Sucks for vocals on this. I haven't tried...
Sun, Sep 30 4:15 PM wildbillvernon review of Out of Step (stems) by Ass Over Tea Kettle
i listened for about ten seconds and said yes I gotta try this. I searched for f...
Sun, Sep 30 4:04 PM wildbillvernon review of Dance Mix Stems by Papa_Zulu
i like this but i think its a little busy, but thats good for someone to remix i...
Sun, Sep 30 3:31 PM wildbillvernon review of Something Blue (Harmonica) by Bluemillenium
good, i think the harmonica added a lot.
Sun, Sep 30 3:18 PM wildbillvernon review of I Only Think of You by texasradiofish
i think you all did a good job on this remix. It's nothing like the original but...
Sat, Sep 29 7:48 AM wildbillvernon review of Think of You by Shyness
mellow, but you could bring the vocals up some. i liked the keys