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fourstones (victor):

Reviews left by fourstones

Mon, Jul 25 10:31 AM fourstones review of I Miss You (Quintett) no drums by Siobhan Dakay
perfect accompaniment
Sun, Jul 17 3:58 PM fourstones review of I Wonder If God Was Sleeping ? by Loveshadow
yea, a little overdue - you can stop wondering.
Fri, Jul 15 12:59 PM fourstones review of Shatter Your Heart by Loveshadow
dude - perfect track. Listening on home stereo and it sound really great.
Wed, Jul 13 5:31 PM fourstones review of Groove Up by RizKeyG
deep groove - reminds of my summers in NYC
Mon, Jun 27 3:52 PM fourstones review of Funk You (Vocals) by SmoJos
These are great!
Mon, May 9 5:44 PM fourstones review of cdk - Sunday by Analog By Nature
do damn beautiful - a perfect production
Mon, May 9 5:41 PM fourstones review of Break FREE ( The Strangle Hold ) by Loveshadow
don't call it a Break Up! it's a Break Free! awesome hook - thanks for the ea...
Mon, May 9 5:37 PM fourstones review of Heartbeat by Snowflake
yea - I agree: this is 100% club ready - really right in the pocket
Mon, May 9 12:42 PM fourstones review of May Day S-O-S by Calling Sister Midnight
this is so filmic - 100% soundtrack ready - congrats!
Mon, May 9 12:35 PM fourstones review of Ukuambient Noise by Kara Square
you continue to be my hero on so many fronts - really crazy awesome mix
Mon, May 9 12:18 PM fourstones review of So Long Since I Held You (Lilac Mix) by vo1k1
this is spectacular! wow! (how great are ur's samples?)
Mon, May 9 12:15 PM fourstones review of Pixie Pixels (featuring Kara Square) by spinningmerkaba
this is great jason - I know exactly how hard it is to pull together so many sou...
Mon, May 9 12:12 PM fourstones review of Can't Stop This Feeling by mykleanthony
ok that's huge lol - awesome racket
Sun, May 8 10:32 AM fourstones review of Funk Interlude by Dysfunction_AL
Easily and instantly my all time favorite secret mixter remix of me. Thank you s...
Mon, Apr 4 12:21 PM fourstones review of knights_01 by moscardo
These are truly awesome - THANKS! (and thank you for having the sanity to make t...