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Reviews left by urmymuse

Sat, Apr 29 2:07 AM urmymuse review of Banjo Was Abandoned by Speck
Sat, Apr 29 2:02 AM urmymuse review of #Codebreaker #Heartbreaker by texasradiofish
great one, fab, hilarious
Sun, Apr 23 3:27 PM urmymuse review of Who┬┤ll play the Blues? by Hans Atom
Super cool Hans!!!
Sun, Apr 23 9:15 AM urmymuse review of In Your Face by Stefan Kartenberg
Cheers Stefan, superb remix, brad's in your face works really well my curiosity....
Wed, Apr 5 12:38 PM urmymuse review of This had a brilliant title which I've forgotten (ft. Donnie Ozone and Magmavander) by robwalkerpoet
Thought provoking, amusing and cool. Like it
Sat, Mar 11 11:50 AM urmymuse review of Showbiz For The Ugly by Andrew Wainwright
Great rap ... in a Ian Dury kind of way ... hits the spot. Well deserved ed pick...
Sat, Mar 11 11:47 AM urmymuse review of Democrazy by Kara Square
Really excellent Kara
Sun, Dec 4 3:51 AM urmymuse review of Reuse Noise - With The Light (cdk Mix) by Analog By Nature
Sun, Dec 4 2:18 AM urmymuse review of Rise (Remix) by Robbero
Great dance track
Sat, Dec 3 3:36 AM urmymuse review of Full Star Resurrection by PorchCat
Puts you on edge
Sat, Dec 3 3:20 AM urmymuse review of Song of Shabbat by SackJo22
ultimate lovely
Mon, Nov 28 1:06 PM urmymuse review of Horseback Orchestra Tuneup by Admiral Bob
Heroic no one left behind remix , very tasty guitars!
Mon, Nov 28 12:56 PM urmymuse review of Vertigo by shimoda
Impressive use of numerous samples to get this cohesive sounding whole
Sun, Nov 27 12:54 PM urmymuse review of Paper Planes - Durden ft. Airtone by DURDEN
Flys beautifully :)
Sun, Nov 27 12:41 PM urmymuse review of Tethered ...a meditation on shore whilst overlooking the sea by essesq
just perfect