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Reviews left by urmymuse

Tue, Sep 12 10:51 AM urmymuse review of Reusenoise (DNB Mix) by spinningmerkaba
That's some swanky drum programming ! Energetic mix excellent!
Tue, Sep 12 10:47 AM urmymuse review of In the Shadows (of your wings) by Admiral Bob
Great vocal, great guitar, great production, great mix ! Other than that its ok...
Mon, Sep 11 11:03 AM urmymuse review of Harvey and Louisa by mwic
Very inventive, topical and moving. Great mix
Mon, Sep 11 10:58 AM urmymuse review of 1, 2, 3 by Aussens@iter
Fab idea to do this as reggae! Fender sounds great. Top mix :)
Mon, Sep 11 10:55 AM urmymuse review of Autumn's Dream Lullaby by gurdonark
Exceptional ambient piece ! Loved it :)
Mon, Sep 11 10:50 AM urmymuse review of Birth and death of a River by reiswerk
Thanks for this, very inventive You are right i need to make sure i uploads th...
Sun, Sep 10 12:40 PM urmymuse review of Who (see a beautiful getting old) by Stefan Kartenberg
Dreamy indeed!!!! this is really excellent, vocal treatment fantastic, backing t...
Sun, Sep 10 12:33 PM urmymuse review of Rise Up (Like the Sun) by Snowflake
Rise up! fab :)
Sun, Sep 10 3:54 AM urmymuse review of remains by robwalkerpoet
Very powerful and moving
Sat, May 6 8:55 AM urmymuse review of The Code of My Heart by gurdonark
Light as a feather
Mon, May 1 3:25 AM urmymuse review of Unbury Your Heart by Snowflake
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Mon, May 1 3:10 AM urmymuse review of Got me a Woman to Love by Scomber
Bounces along very nicely enjoyed
Sun, Apr 30 2:39 PM urmymuse review of To Remind You by Admiral Bob
great track .... I hope when it happens I wont need reminding :)
Sun, Apr 30 2:56 AM urmymuse review of Scomber Mashupremix by Abstract Audio
great mix, enjoyed
Sun, Apr 30 2:49 AM urmymuse review of #MOAD (Transformer) by Siobhan Dakay
arpeggiator-tastic love it