Time of Terror Remix Event
Sat, Nov 14 1:33 PM The Big OT :: featuring tunes in acapellas
what is this about?? i understand i can take the acapellas out of the tune in t...
Thu, Sep 3 12:14 AM Pluggy Plugs :: zup, uploaded new track
first time in ages ;D
Tue, Jul 14 1:23 PM Features :: user update?
and like updates when they put up new tracks?
Tue, Jul 14 1:21 PM Features :: user update?
some sort thing that follows users?
Wed, May 20 3:14 PM The Big OT :: is it taboo
aye of course, there are somethings that cant be helped, but there's a lot that ...
Wed, May 20 12:18 PM The Big OT :: is it taboo
to comment on people's production quality?
Tue, May 19 7:36 PM The Big OT :: to singers--
would be grateful if you could in future add some variation or some sort of chor...
Fri, May 8 6:27 PM Pluggy Plugs :: new track, kinda strange
monky = monk-like not an actualy monkey
Thu, May 7 4:59 PM Features :: layout
yeah i fully understand it i mean i love loads of the stuff on this side, like ...
Thu, May 7 12:07 PM Features :: layout
anyways, i dont mind, i know where they are so it's cool
Thu, May 7 12:05 PM Features :: layout
Could you do me a favor and quantify exactly how many are "quite a few"? This ca...
Thu, May 7 2:09 AM Features :: How high can you count?
discussed here. we're still using the 'direct link' method and it's served us we...
Thu, May 7 2:05 AM Pluggy Plugs :: new track, kinda strange
new track i dunno what it is but its lord, have mercy i used the dr.'s monky...
Thu, May 7 2:00 AM Features :: chat room?
but what about the other suggestion about the accapellas etc.? how its default ...
Thu, May 7 1:59 AM Features :: chat room?
I'm not trying to be impolite, but I'd rather have talking energy spent on revie...