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Reviews left by tripledoubler

Sun, Feb 18 5:02 AM tripledoubler review of Valhalla by MC Jack in the Box
this is a very nice track, it could easily be on one of the tapes i`ve been list...
Sat, Feb 17 7:48 AM tripledoubler review of U_F_O " F I X I N G M Y B R A I N " ( Final ReMix ) by U_F_O
this is a nice song, it reminds me on an artist called Neil, who was doing a 7in...
Thu, Feb 15 6:51 AM tripledoubler review of November (Treatment) by fourstones
well, though I don`t feel like judging this remix, too, the track to me sounds l...
Wed, Feb 14 9:50 AM tripledoubler review of The Original A.P. by fourstones
hey victor, this is a really nice and good sounding track. i`m gonna watch out f...
Wed, Feb 14 8:04 AM tripledoubler review of innertide by DJ BLUE
this is a very nice triphop tune, dj blue, i really like it :)
Wed, Feb 14 7:55 AM tripledoubler review of Untitled 2 by teru
very nice track, teru :)
Wed, Feb 14 7:52 AM tripledoubler review of El Camino Loco by MC Jack in the Box
cool, it feels like the wipers, damn cool, you know about songs, mc jack :)
Wed, Feb 14 7:47 AM tripledoubler review of never get out by tone_group
well, this is pretty nice, I`ve grown up with music like zhis, it`s 80ies someho...
Tue, Feb 13 9:28 PM tripledoubler review of ditto ditto by ditto ditto
Tue, Feb 13 9:25 PM tripledoubler review of Tokyo (center of the earth mix) by plurgid
might be a new style to you, but you`ve got style :)
Tue, Feb 13 9:19 PM tripledoubler review of Ophelia's Distant Reality by Full Blown Messiah
it really works. might be a touch too long (for my personal taste, but...) more...
Wed, Jan 31 2:26 AM tripledoubler review of I Think I See Sound by J.Lang
Hey J. Lang, keep on ridin` this track`s got a nice concept.
Tue, Jan 30 2:15 PM tripledoubler review of "Stop" (blue mix) by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
This is very nice, it really has got style! Nice Collabo-Track.
Tue, Jan 30 2:03 PM tripledoubler review of Breakdown (Basement Mix) by KCentric
this is a very nice and easy flowing groovy beat. I especially like this bassdru...
Tue, Jan 30 1:48 PM tripledoubler review of Hot Like... by DJ BLUE
This is hot like nylon plastic, BLUE is pumpin`hot shit. Very nice work :)