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Reviews left by Aussens@iter

Fri, Mar 23 1:42 PM Aussens@iter review of All NIGHT LONG by darioblack
Well, if you really "WOULD LOVE FOR DJ'S OR PRODUCERS TO REMIX IT" it would have...
Sun, Mar 18 1:11 PM Aussens@iter review of Pickin' Up Signals by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice to hear Panu's vocal with this genre. Great remix!
Sun, Mar 18 7:34 AM Aussens@iter review of The Heart of a Star by Kara Square
I love these lyric! Very nice tag team production with Stefan.
Sun, Mar 18 7:31 AM Aussens@iter review of All the Lines by Admiral Bob
How many songs did you write for this SM? :) You've managed to turn my guitar st...
Sun, Mar 11 4:24 AM Aussens@iter review of Yesterday's Secret by texasradiofish
Well, I didn't expect something like that... :) What I always like about your mi...
Sun, Mar 11 4:19 AM Aussens@iter review of Running by Snowflake
Amazing multi-layered production! There are a lot of things going on in this rem...
Sun, Mar 11 4:07 AM Aussens@iter review of The Abstract Audio Mix by Stefan Kartenberg
Stunning! Nice handling of the vocals. Great remix!
Sun, Mar 11 4:04 AM Aussens@iter review of quarkXpress by airtone
I like the mood your soundscapes creat. Very nice instrumental!
Sun, Mar 11 4:03 AM Aussens@iter review of Tabloid Conspiracy (Don' Wanna Di) by Mr_Yesterday
Didn't expect that tempo change in the middle. Very nicely crafted!
Sun, Mar 11 3:58 AM Aussens@iter review of Broken by Admiral Bob
Great vocal additions to Ivan's instrumental! Very nice!
Sun, Mar 11 3:53 AM Aussens@iter review of Suffer Someday by Scomber
Yeah! You've put the different sources together nicely. Great rock song!
Sun, Mar 11 3:48 AM Aussens@iter review of The subway in New York by Bluemillenium
I like that subway sound! :) Nicely crafted remix.
Sun, Mar 11 3:45 AM Aussens@iter review of Unbury Your Heart by Siobhan Dakay
Wow! So many different elements in one remix. Brilliant remix!
Sun, Mar 11 3:44 AM Aussens@iter review of Nummerng├Âre by 7OOP3D
In general I'm not a big fan of electronic music, but this is really nice! Gr├╝├...
Thu, Feb 15 5:36 AM Aussens@iter review of Free in Philadelphia (ft. Tobias Weber) by robwalkerpoet
This is the first time after two years that I've listened to this song again, an...