Magic Hours Secret Mixter Tracks
Aussens@iter (tobias_weber):

Reviews left by Aussens@iter

Sun, Jul 8 10:35 AM Aussens@iter review of We Are The Spirit by Loveshadow
Very nice spheric soundscapes!
Sun, Jul 8 10:29 AM Aussens@iter review of solar fractal by Quarkstar
This could be from the soundtrack of Interstellar. Great remix!
Sun, Jul 8 10:24 AM Aussens@iter review of mmmmm - shifting sun by urmymuse
Perfect match! And nice guitar sound as always...!
Sun, Jul 8 3:51 AM Aussens@iter review of Shambala (Just Imagine) by Snowflake
Hi Emily, I can't stop listening to this! And I can't adequately express my g...
Sun, Jul 8 1:50 AM Aussens@iter review of DCOSS by onlymeith
I like the melancholy in this remix. Very nice and balanced mix!
Sun, Jul 8 1:43 AM Aussens@iter review of Shifting Sun by ScOmBer
Very nice vocal melodies! Many thanks for including me!
Sun, Jul 8 1:41 AM Aussens@iter review of Shifting Steel by ScOmBer
Three remixes??? You've got to be kidding...! Great job!
Sun, Jul 8 1:39 AM Aussens@iter review of deflection by airtone
Very nice instrumental! The drum sound is great!
Sun, Jul 8 1:37 AM Aussens@iter review of Depression Gone For Good by 7OOP3D
Very intense mix! Great treatment of the vocals!
Sat, Jun 23 4:34 PM Aussens@iter review of Grey by Speck
ROFL!! :) This is awesome...!
Fri, May 25 12:15 PM Aussens@iter review of Adaptation by simonlittlefield
The backtrack you've created sounds amazing! Very nice harmonies, mixed and bala...
Fri, May 18 12:54 AM Aussens@iter review of I don’t want to adapt by Stefan Kartenberg
This is great! Nicely done!
Fri, May 18 12:50 AM Aussens@iter review of Swanston Street (ft. Tobias Weber) by robwalkerpoet
Very nice! Many thanks for including me! :)
Mon, May 14 12:17 PM Aussens@iter review of Talfahrt by texasradiofish
Very nice shift from the rythmic structure of the original version! Great Remix!
Mon, May 14 12:16 PM Aussens@iter review of Adaptation Is Surrender by Speck
I'd Ed-Pick this right away! Very nice layed-back vocal. Your voice and the lyri...