Perspectives Playlist at Art Gallery Oct 12

Reviews left by the100thmonkey

Sun, Jun 6 1:04 PM the100thmonkey review of Brown & Gold by Leza Boyland
I think it's fair to say this is a truly excellent vocal. If I may ask a che...
Tue, Sep 15 5:20 PM the100thmonkey review of Don't You Run by Calling Sister Midnight
I love these vocals - the kind of thing you wait a year for, and don't mind doin...
Wed, May 6 3:19 PM the100thmonkey review of Our Generation by MartynJoseph2000
This is really good - it's simple, yet effective. It takes a very simple groove ...
Sat, Apr 25 7:33 AM the100thmonkey review of Late Night (Essential Experimental Mix) by DJ_Essential_I
This is good.
Thu, Apr 16 6:54 PM the100thmonkey review of We are in love (Essential Kasi Mix) by DJ_Essential_I
There are some really nice ideas in here - the percussion tracks are excellent a...
Sun, Apr 5 10:53 AM the100thmonkey review of Perfect & Beautiful by Dj Fadi Harb
Really nice, 9PM-summer-sunset feel on this track. I like it :)
Fri, Feb 6 8:45 PM the100thmonkey review of Lies (Acappella) by Trifonic
These vocals are amazing. There is nothing more to be said.
Sat, Jul 22 1:22 PM the100thmonkey review of Ophelia's Song (Vocals) by musetta
i love this. you first hear it, and it's "nice"... then you actually listen t...
Thu, Jan 19 10:05 AM the100thmonkey review of If I Wait(Verses) by sunbyrn
i love this. i've been sitting on the file for about six months now. unfortun...
Tue, Aug 23 6:13 AM the100thmonkey review of what cha need-DU's bounce by deutscheunschuld
this is wicked. there's sooooo much wicked music on this site!
Tue, Aug 23 6:09 AM the100thmonkey review of Politics-teru remix by teru
this is wicked. it would, perhaps, suit a little more developement on the bea...
Mon, Aug 8 11:57 AM the100thmonkey review of 1000 Years by fourstones
Enoesque (this is not intrinsically a criticism). good stuff!
Thu, Jul 28 9:39 PM the100thmonkey review of I waited here (acappella) by Kind Robot
i think these vocals are great. i love the incongruity between the flat, mon...
Wed, Jul 20 8:00 AM the100thmonkey review of CAN'T WE ACCAPELLA 1 by ASHWAN
this is good stuff. i'm going to use this in my next project once i've got th...
Wed, Jul 20 7:43 AM the100thmonkey review of Motherless Child a cappella by Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
personally, i think these vocals are great. i've used them. i'll post the tun...