Time of Terror Remix Event
Thu, Mar 26 2:42 PM Help :: Couple of questions
For the answers to these questions and more...... check out: http://fourstone...
Thu, Mar 26 2:34 PM Features :: OpenID - I think
Thinking a bit more about it, would OpenID really attract that many more users? ...
Wed, Mar 25 10:03 PM Features :: Search by License
Try the remix browser. There's a license field near the bottom left column. ...
Wed, Mar 25 2:51 PM Help :: Couple of questions
Nope. If you want to do that you'd have to ask them to add it. : )
Wed, Mar 25 1:09 PM Help :: Couple of questions
Tagging is useful for organizing. For example if I wanted to send you a link but...
Wed, Mar 25 12:13 PM Pluggy Plugs :: Calendar Songs Live in Vienna!
Very cool. I wish I was in the area.
Wed, Mar 25 11:54 AM Features :: OpenID - I think
Being totally pessimistic, I dread the idea of moderating uploads and comments b...
Wed, Mar 25 11:38 AM Help :: Couple of questions
Hey Vidian, Using ccM music for (non-commercial) podcasts is allowed and enco...
Mon, Mar 9 5:43 PM Parts Wanted :: Remix my bands song
Thanks for asking first. Uploading the separate tracks is the best way to fin...
Sun, Mar 8 3:21 PM The Big OT :: William Orbit's A-Z of recording
Thank you. That's some really good reading. And yeah, cool picture. : )
Sun, Mar 8 3:05 PM Pluggy Plugs :: Magnum Farce: Webisode One
That was really cool.
Mon, Mar 2 9:06 AM Help :: Can i Mix Music on this site?
Yes you can mix music from this site.
Fri, Feb 27 11:14 AM Help :: Cant find collaborating artist
Are you sure there is no additional info on the file itself? That would really h...
Wed, Feb 25 10:52 PM Bugs :: Buggy Bugs?
Looks good to me.
Wed, Feb 25 12:19 PM Bugs :: Buggy Bugs?
Just a suggestion for anyone who likes to search a bit more manually. Like me. ...