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Reviews left by sunbyrn

Mon, Jan 29 5:45 PM sunbyrn review of Pode Queimar (holojazz mix) by shagrugge
MAN is this tight. I never get bored listening to your material. Is the rap in ...
Sun, Jan 21 2:46 AM sunbyrn review of sevenhundredbeats by duncan_beattie
This is one of a kind. Intriguing throughout the entire piece. Great work.
Tue, Jan 16 10:01 PM sunbyrn review of So long 2000NSax (Annual Horny Vibe) by shagrugge
tight! the sax samples ARE incredible, but the drums make this piece ROCK! wi...
Tue, Jan 16 9:40 PM sunbyrn review of East of Vienna by DJ BLUE
the tension from the major/minor chord types together is sweet.
Tue, Jan 16 8:36 PM sunbyrn review of Martinis On The House (The V.I.P. Room Mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Must have been a HAPPY Halloween...
Sun, Jul 2 10:06 PM sunbyrn review of Sax Machine (solo Sax) by Abox J
out of control, man. I'm diggin this.
Sun, Jul 2 10:00 PM sunbyrn review of AqPick1 by Tapsa
This is a beautiful, soothing piece of work.
Sun, Jul 2 9:42 PM sunbyrn review of Set music to the moon by _ghost
Simply amazing piece of work. The title fits the song well, and it kept me inte...
Sun, Jul 2 10:11 AM sunbyrn review of I Waited Here (Boiling Mushrooms Mix) by Aamu
This was the first tune I listened to this morning, and it's definitely a downl...
Sun, Jul 2 5:55 AM sunbyrn review of Below (Deadline Panic Industrial Mix) by Aamu
Bold move, and this works for me. It almost sounds atonal at first, but each ti...
Sat, Jul 1 1:53 AM sunbyrn review of Below ( The Dirty Water Mix ) by J.Lang
I actually discovered this gem on Webjay months ago, before I even knew it was o...
Fri, Jun 30 3:22 AM sunbyrn review of Double Dutch remix by DaMo
OKay I just listened to this again since I last downloaded it, and I really enjo...