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Reviews left by Subliminal

Fri, Jan 8 9:16 PM Subliminal review of Desziknated Realm by Speck
Love it. A great mood piece.
Thu, Jan 7 8:45 PM Subliminal review of Like a Stone ft. Elle Roberts by Apoxode
I like the understated vibe of the backing music. Suits the spoken word piece. A...
Sun, Jan 3 8:46 PM Subliminal review of Can't Afford Another Christmas by texasradiofish
This is really good. Foot-tappingly good.
Wed, Dec 23 8:11 PM Subliminal review of L'Avenir (Reworked) by Bluemillenium
This is a very beautiful song. And I have to echo the other comments, you have a...
Tue, Dec 1 8:47 PM Subliminal review of Start Each Day with Love by AirFlow
These guitars sound really beautiful. Nice.
Tue, Dec 1 8:39 PM Subliminal review of Black Swan (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
One of the better remixes I heard recently. Great arrangement and atmosphere.
Fri, Nov 13 11:06 AM Subliminal review of Supersonic Whispers by raja_ffm
You have consistently good remixes and this one is no exception.
Fri, Nov 13 11:00 AM Subliminal review of According to Hex by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Relaxing athmosphere. Compliments to both you and Javolenus.
Fri, Nov 13 10:57 AM Subliminal review of Too Deep [Jihfa Remix] by Jihfa
Nice one.
Thu, Oct 29 9:35 PM Subliminal review of The End of the World by Admiral Bob
Really good. An upload of the spoken word piece would be appreciated. ;-)
Sun, Oct 11 8:32 PM Subliminal review of Lenses of Shadows (ft Apophysia) by SackJo22
I love the atmosphere of this track. Great singing and harmonies as well.
Sat, Oct 10 8:37 PM Subliminal review of The Apocalypse Is Ubiquitous On Netflix by Speck
"they should have let it end with season four" Ha ha, this is so true. And...
Thu, Oct 1 12:29 PM Subliminal review of The Shadows Of Wild Horses by Radioontheshelf
Such a rich, full and especially inventive production.
Thu, Oct 1 12:21 PM Subliminal review of What it feels like dying by Scomber
This sounds fantastic. A great sounding and super tight production.
Mon, Sep 14 12:09 PM Subliminal review of Stay Calm by Loveshadow
One word. Wonderful.