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Reviews left by stefsax

Thu, Mar 22 10:29 PM stefsax review of Big Show by teru
Beautiful man,Only, it's so short,i wont MORE,more,moooore......
Thu, Mar 22 6:34 PM stefsax review of TLOML (Purple House Mix) by fourstones
Cool man,nice beat and open sound.
Thu, Mar 22 6:16 PM stefsax review of Just One Night-Late Night Mix by J.Lang
Good job Mr.J.Lang,i like it!
Sun, Mar 11 1:27 AM stefsax review of Sax Machine (solo Sax) by Abox J
VERY NICE sax man,are you that?
Mon, Mar 5 5:36 AM stefsax review of Motherless child by minimal_art
Great, always what you make,i like you work.
Fri, Mar 2 12:46 AM stefsax review of gone by penston
Tue, Feb 13 3:58 AM stefsax review of Ana (Scandinavian Winter Mix) by Christian S
Very nice remix christian,i like it
Tue, Jan 30 2:55 AM stefsax review of Listen, Pay Attention, Keep Your Head Up by teru
Good combination of the samples,like it
Tue, Jan 16 2:48 AM stefsax review of Burn it up (mellow G vibe) by shagrugge
Freeeeeeeeeaazy! : ) Nice mix,i like it
Wed, Jan 3 8:36 AM stefsax review of Get On It (vroum,vroum mix) by teru
Cool man,nice beat (fast tempo),i like it
Thu, Dec 28 8:29 PM stefsax review of So long 2000NSax (Annual Horny Vibe) by shagrugge
Freak it out and a happy new year,whioooaa... Lets party nice mixing schagru...
Sat, Dec 9 1:45 AM stefsax review of Space (Treatment) by fourstones
Great,good using of riff sample
Fri, Dec 1 8:05 AM stefsax review of my mom freaked on acid (feat. 4nsic) by tenda
I freaked too,inspiration full mix man,nice. Actual i hear two songs in it,from...
Mon, Nov 27 3:05 AM stefsax review of Velvet Robe by Jigsawpuzzleman
Very nice,good intro,i like it.Only one thing,i dont like the effect on the voic...
Thu, Nov 23 5:31 PM stefsax review of Who Am I To Disagree(Minima) by minimal_art
I think that i can help you,you need a BASS,nevertheless!!? if your will i can ...