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Reviews left by stefsax

Sat, Jul 14 9:58 PM stefsax review of Cidade Sol (Minimal-Stef-Euro-Mix) by minimal_art
thanks too you mr.minimal art,for using my samples. Nice man,and you don't miss...
Fri, Jul 6 3:14 PM stefsax review of Cidade Sol (tube groove mix) by misterC
Very special funky remix,like it. Good mixing of the guitar. Funny intro with ...
Fri, Jul 6 2:50 PM stefsax review of For All the Sad Faces (Tanto Faz RMX) by Wave Theory
Yea,nice chord progression and smoody jazzy guitar bossa rhytm feeling. The dru...
Fri, Jul 6 2:20 PM stefsax review of Que Pena Tanto Faz (rhumba n bass mix) by shagrugge
Like this remix,nice intro with the trompet. Rhumba!!!??i don't know. Good sou...
Thu, Jun 28 1:28 PM stefsax review of Cidade Sol by erizzle
Very nice mix man. I like the style&the horns too. Good luck with the contest.
Sat, Jun 16 2:40 AM stefsax review of Cidade Sol Tigertone Tone Mix by tigertone
Don’t worry stagecoach,i give him 5stars. Very nice vibes tigertone and get o...
Mon, Jun 4 12:32 PM stefsax review of May by minimal_art
Very,very nice song man,great mix,wow.
Sat, May 19 7:42 PM stefsax review of One ( The J.Lang RMX ) by J.Lang
Very nice vibe man,i like it very match,good mix too.
Sun, Apr 22 7:50 PM stefsax review of sniper's daydream by duckett
This music let's me remember when i'm a young boy was and play computergames,ve...
Sat, Apr 21 2:08 AM stefsax review of Kill Kill Kill (Douill Remix) by 10DOUILL
Mon, Apr 16 4:18 AM stefsax review of kill kill kill (unscathed madcow rmx) by tusk
Wow,very-nice-funky-groove-man! Good-bass&drums-groove. Like-the-guitar-sound-...
Sun, Apr 15 1:39 AM stefsax review of Kill Kill Kill Odioso Mix (Pop.Odious) by herothebrand
Fri, Apr 13 1:49 AM stefsax review of Kill Kill Kill _The 187 Mix by J.Lang
Sat, Mar 31 2:08 AM stefsax review of The Love of My Life by MC Jack in the Box
You did a great job Mc Jack. This remix is more open than fourstone remix and l...
Thu, Mar 29 11:01 PM stefsax review of The love of my life by Tomas PhUsIoN
Wow,coolman,dancemusic, i,like,it!Gooood,job,man,more,ofthis, Sorry,my,spaceba...