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Reviews left by spinmeister

Tue, Nov 25 1:13 PM spinmeister review of Most Of Us Are Blind by Aussens@iter
Smooth, dreamy take on this great song! And great guitar solo! Secretly wished i...
Tue, Nov 25 1:05 PM spinmeister review of Growing by mykleanthony
I may be late to discovering this outstanding gem, but am nonetheless in awe. Ou...
Tue, Nov 25 1:15 AM spinmeister review of Kokokur by texasradiofish
Superior mashing skills as work! Love it!
Tue, Nov 25 1:12 AM spinmeister review of Where_Do_We_Go by Stefan Kartenberg
It's after midnight here as I'm listening to this for the first time. It's the p...
Tue, Nov 25 1:08 AM spinmeister review of Maria durch ein Dornwald ging by reiswerk
That's a really intriguing version of this song - I like the combination of unre...
Tue, Nov 25 1:02 AM spinmeister review of Just in a Phase by Dan_Mantau
Love the layers and layers of Karma loops! Really good idea!
Sat, Nov 22 5:35 PM spinmeister review of IF_I_could by TheJoe
Aaarghhh! I'm so sorry for not finding this wonderful remix earlier. That is ind...
Tue, Nov 18 1:27 AM spinmeister review of Accepting Change by mykleanthony
Just astounding quality of your writing and performance. So glad you dropped in ...
Mon, Nov 17 10:47 PM spinmeister review of Essesq's Canyon by morgantj
The chainsaw as the memorable villain - masterful piece!
Mon, Nov 17 10:17 PM spinmeister review of My Inner Mystery (Kirkoid Mix) by Kirkoid
this is amazing!
Mon, Nov 17 5:52 PM spinmeister review of My Audio Wake Up by teru
This is great, classic teru and therefore classic ccM! Bonus for me on a very pe...
Mon, Nov 17 5:04 PM spinmeister review of Trilogy 2. Stalker by Loveshadow
Your work is always amazing, and it's extra thrilling when you veer a bit into m...
Mon, Nov 17 4:40 PM spinmeister review of DoTheBrake by Admiral Bob
now be honest, you turned it up to 12, right?
Mon, Nov 17 4:35 PM spinmeister review of Sleeping Sands by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
oh yessss - the bass line!
Mon, Nov 17 4:19 PM spinmeister review of Paradigm Shifter ft. Rob Walker by Platinum Butterfly
Oh Yeah! :-)