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Reviews left by spinmeister

Fri, Nov 16 5:08 PM spinmeister review of The ONE by Loveshadow
superb! - 'nuff said.
Fri, Sep 23 8:38 PM spinmeister review of Santiago Moonlight Reflects by salvatore_j
just in case you don't already know: I'm (the non singing) half of "a minor theo...
Thu, Dec 9 5:21 PM spinmeister review of Hope for the Best ft SackJo22 by Zapac
Another great sonic painting!
Thu, Dec 9 5:14 PM spinmeister review of Here Comes The Snow ft Loveshadow (Wild West mix) by Zapac
I love this remix. As we found out today, Loveshadow has a little wild west in h...
Thu, Dec 2 8:13 PM spinmeister review of Joy (The Emotions: Part 2) by essesq
I had been wondering what the essesq version of this might sound like. Now I kn...
Tue, Nov 23 7:39 PM spinmeister review of The unreal_dm Blues by Admiral Bob
Authentic and fun blues smithing and inspired riffing on the six stringer! What'...
Sat, Nov 13 3:20 PM spinmeister review of Fading Things by Admiral Bob
too bad you didn't make your mixed version the primary file, since that would ha...
Sun, Nov 7 12:06 AM spinmeister review of Make Belief by myvanillaworld
compelling song writing and vocal delivery!
Sat, Oct 30 1:13 PM spinmeister review of Waiting in the Garden by Admiral Bob
Great arrangement and your trademark tasty playing. I really love the understate...
Mon, Oct 25 1:54 AM spinmeister review of Get Up !!! (live) by The.Spirit.Of.Light
this is just too much fun -- I love it!
Fri, Oct 22 3:49 PM spinmeister review of Trapped By Time by Subliminal
just curious - did you make use of Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch, or is this some...
Sun, Oct 17 2:31 PM spinmeister review of Short piano in Dm by Admiral Bob
Sun, Oct 17 1:47 PM spinmeister review of Prayer For The Lonesome by narva9
So very, very good to hear your voice again -- Missed you!
Sat, Oct 16 4:39 PM spinmeister review of If I by J.Lang
yeah! By the way, the link to the soundcloud track should probably have a "djla...
Fri, Oct 15 11:25 AM spinmeister review of Go Time by Admiral Bob
swamp-hop! Great idea to take this into a very different direction! And what's ...