Reviews left by Speck

Thu, Apr 4 3:32 PM Speck review of Cold Ears (orchestral edition) by IngemannStrunch
Unexpected. Excellent.
Thu, Apr 4 3:22 PM Speck review of The New Music House (It's Only Up From Here) by texasradiofish
A most enjoyable melange of elements. Super blend.
Thu, Apr 4 3:16 PM Speck review of The Thought Of The Absence by Radioontheshelf
Such a strong vocal rendering, in effective and almost tenuous association with ...
Thu, Apr 4 3:04 PM Speck review of Sunday Afternoon by Scomber
Yep. There's something in a Sunday. Real nice.
Thu, Apr 4 2:57 PM Speck review of imagination of the future by urmymuse
Imagination of the future with a nod to the past. Very nice. I didn't know New F...
Wed, Apr 3 4:29 AM Speck review of Adrift by Mr_Yesterday
This is a really beautiful piece. Authentic.
Mon, Apr 1 3:40 PM Speck review of Kalte Ohren ( Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
A fantastic remix that both honors and enhances the original. Very impressive.
Sun, Mar 31 6:07 AM Speck review of Love Story In Rain by khalafnasirs
It's lovely. But it's not a sample if there's more than one track. Can you uploa...
Sun, Mar 31 3:57 AM Speck review of Warm Vacuum Tube by Admiral Bob
Very nice collaboration. It strikes me as being just about equal parts you and s...
Sat, Mar 30 4:37 PM Speck review of Black to the Night by Scomber
Kudos on getting such clean vocals over a very loud mix. It sort of makes me thi...
Sat, Mar 30 9:54 AM Speck review of Kalte Ohren Schaffel (Cold Ears Shuffle) by Apoxode
Careful composition and top notch production. Very cool.
Sat, Mar 30 4:05 AM Speck review of I Wonder by Kristian Skybound
Great sample match and a smooth production. Sweet.
Sat, Mar 30 3:59 AM Speck review of anjibee_-_Ragdolls by BeatMachine
Cool and funky. I like the mangledness of the piano sample very much.
Fri, Mar 29 11:36 AM Speck review of Kalte Ohren (Cold Ears) Stem pack by starfrosch
A generous share and inspiring challenge.
Wed, Mar 27 3:36 AM Speck review of Le graoully_2019 by Bluemillenium
Excellent composition. It really soars. Much enjoyed.