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Reviews left by Speck

Wed, Apr 22 3:27 AM Speck review of Voideo Rome (Paperone Mix) by duckett
Wonderful tinklage, wonderfully messed.
Wed, Apr 22 3:16 AM Speck review of Just a little Speck sauce with a vo1k1's worth of Nickleus by Joel Frijters
I like this very much. It's loose and mysterious and deep and adventurous.
Tue, Apr 21 2:51 AM Speck review of The Claim by 0V3RTH1NK
Hi there. Please be advised - in order to upload an original mix you must also u...
Sun, Apr 19 5:14 AM Speck review of NINJAM session 2020.04.15 by bangcorrupt
I'm going to play this in it's entirety later on while photo-editing (for fun). ...
Sun, Apr 19 5:08 AM Speck review of Stayin at home by reiswerk
I dig the genre-defying sound of this. I can hear The B52s, The Specials and Nin...
Sun, Apr 19 5:04 AM Speck review of Garage Groove by Stefan Kartenberg
Exemplary mix.
Sat, Apr 18 3:56 AM Speck review of Lanthorn Flies by Apoxode
Very chill. So soothing.
Thu, Apr 16 3:51 AM Speck review of Medical warriors by Radioontheshelf
Beautiful song, nice clean production.
Wed, Apr 15 3:29 AM Speck review of Shallow Waters by Jeris
"A marvelous little arpeggio..."
Tue, Apr 14 5:26 AM Speck review of Against The Shadow by Subliminal
Mmm... sweet sound set. Nice arrangement and perfect vocal integration. Excellen...
Tue, Apr 14 5:19 AM Speck review of Morning Star by dashdotdotdash
Lots of great sounds in there and adventurous swells thereof. Really keeps the l...
Mon, Apr 13 3:02 AM Speck review of NINJAM session 2020.04.08 by bangcorrupt
Great idea and sounds really good too.
Sun, Apr 12 4:49 AM Speck review of knowledge = power by panu
Very nice upfull gathering. Feels good.
Sun, Apr 12 4:45 AM Speck review of TrapLine by fourtrack
Cool. And thanks for the samples. Remember - you have to have the mp3 listed ...
Sun, Apr 12 4:42 AM Speck review of MoTuWeThFrSaSo by Stefan Kartenberg