Temperate Transitions Secret Mixter

Reviews left by Speck

Sat, Jan 26 6:45 AM Speck review of Freaks by Stefan Kartenberg
You put a big smile on my face this morning. Thank you.
Sat, Jan 26 4:22 AM Speck review of Garnet Wine by raja_ffm
Very nice. Shades of Morcheeba. Really well done.
Fri, Jan 25 7:03 AM Speck review of It's Only Me Remix instrumental by fourtrack
Separate tracks please. A mix is not a sample.
Fri, Jan 25 4:58 AM Speck review of Developing Dementia by Apoxode
Well atmospheric, music for thought.
Fri, Jan 25 4:54 AM Speck review of Living in the Future Now by Mr_Yesterday
Funky bass, theremin, scat, humor and truth. Love it.
Fri, Jan 25 4:30 AM Speck review of Electric Shadow Smile by septahelix
Mmmm, sparkly.
Wed, Jan 23 4:58 AM Speck review of All Roads Lead to Bombala by SoboSystem
Very good atmospheric story telling.
Wed, Jan 23 4:49 AM Speck review of Speckish by septahelix
I like it very much. Interesting to read the two contrasting reviews. I've alway...
Tue, Jan 22 3:55 AM Speck review of Were You Ever Here by Apoxode
I like everything about this. The pace, the bass, the great sample choices and t...
Mon, Jan 21 6:55 AM Speck review of Smooth Talker by Apoxode
Nice pleasant happy-go-lucky mood.
Mon, Jan 21 4:05 AM Speck review of January Summer by Stefan Kartenberg
It's exactly 1 degree (Fahrenheit) here this morning. Nice contrast.
Mon, Jan 21 3:54 AM Speck review of Chronic by bangcorrupt
An excellent mix. Chill but active.
Sun, Jan 20 4:10 AM Speck review of Out for a Stroll by Apoxode
Nice. A refreshing stroll. Who knows to where it might lead.
Sun, Jan 20 4:00 AM Speck review of Then What by Apoxode
Sweet. I dig the mellow pacing and well considered arrangement. So clean.
Sat, Jan 19 7:19 AM Speck review of texbox by bangcorrupt
Cool mix, great samples share. Tip - you have to upload an mp3 first if you w...