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Reviews left by Speck

Fri, Nov 23 3:56 AM Speck review of Happy Giftday by Apoxode
Like a post singularity imagining in an eighties sci-fi. Creative and chilling.
Thu, Nov 22 2:25 AM Speck review of the mystery of santa claus by Stefan Kartenberg
Very cool, swingin' Santa. Wonderfully fun.
Wed, Nov 21 3:06 AM Speck review of Love ain't Hard by Apoxode
Nice bright sound and clean arrangement. A perfect showcase for Michael's words.
Wed, Nov 21 2:53 AM Speck review of Mellow Purple Love Piece by septahelix
Nice work with moscardo's piano. Well trapped.
Tue, Nov 20 10:36 AM Speck review of Tracks in the Snow by IngemannStrunch
This is really good. And a perfect piece to add some Christmas vocals to.
Tue, Nov 20 2:13 AM Speck review of Mr Dowland's Midnight by Javolenus
Very nice.
Mon, Nov 19 3:54 AM Speck review of Sacred Light by Aussens@iter
Nothing fancy. Just perfection. You are one talented dude.
Mon, Nov 19 3:48 AM Speck review of new_piece by moscardo
A quiet beauty. Excellent.
Mon, Nov 19 3:42 AM Speck review of Anxiety Zoo by spinningmerkaba
That's a great combination of tracks. When I did that spoken word piece I looked...
Mon, Nov 19 3:32 AM Speck review of Gotta Break Free (Setting 3 Mix) by duckett
Nice mellow progression and very cohesive especially considering how many source...
Mon, Nov 19 3:27 AM Speck review of R37OOP3D by septahelix
Great growling dance energy. Nicely done.
Sun, Nov 18 7:23 AM Speck review of Blue Flames (Instrumental) by Kara Square
Very cool (and so clean). I'll have to remember this one for possible song backi...
Sun, Nov 18 7:21 AM Speck review of Tombstone by reiswerk
Perfect additions. Really well done.
Sun, Nov 18 7:01 AM Speck review of Crossing the Bar by simonlittlefield
Indeed it is different. Do I like it because it's different? No (though that's a...
Sun, Nov 18 6:47 AM Speck review of Since I've Been Loving You by Siobhan Dakay
Wow, that's a gorgeously sensitive collaboration. Beautiful.