Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Aug 25 3:09 AM Speck review of See Ninety Ambient by Javolenus
Beautifully played and sounds great.
Sat, Aug 24 2:38 AM Speck review of As a Cloud by Apoxode
Sweet chill mix with a dubby R&B feel. Very nice.
Fri, Aug 23 2:55 AM Speck review of Fall Together by mykleanthony
Nice smooth backing for a wonderful vocal. Very well done.
Fri, Aug 23 2:48 AM Speck review of Muy Caliente by Apoxode
Nice one, muy limpio.
Thu, Aug 22 3:30 AM Speck review of One Sound by texasradiofish
One gorgeous production.
Tue, Aug 20 3:53 AM Speck review of Only Love by Dan_Mantau
Super good blend.
Tue, Aug 20 3:46 AM Speck review of In the Speck of Time by soundtails
Sweet jazziness.
Tue, Aug 20 3:37 AM Speck review of March of the Toybots by Apoxode
Very cool. Well sorted.
Sun, Aug 18 4:41 AM Speck review of Rock, Purple, Wizards by texasradiofish
Rock well swung.
Sun, Aug 18 4:31 AM Speck review of Deranged by bangcorrupt
Rock, as it was intended.
Sun, Aug 18 4:05 AM Speck review of Bad Attraction - Brad Sucks - Nickillus remix 2019 by Nickillus
Very cool groove and goes great with the vocal. Really well done. Also - thanks ...
Tue, Aug 13 2:38 AM Speck review of Interstellar Mixer by PorchCat
I'm of two minds on this. On the one hand I'm a fan of PorchCat and I like what ...
Mon, Aug 12 3:33 AM Speck review of Bonne nuit by Bluemillenium
This mix sounds like it's exactly half way between a Sobhan Dakay mix and a Blue...
Mon, Aug 12 3:26 AM Speck review of Sadness by mykleanthony
A nice surprise. I can't remember ever hearing someone sing with a gurdonark ins...
Mon, Aug 12 3:19 AM Speck review of Where Did She Go by flashfreeze
That would be a cool vocal to upload under Submit An A Cappella. It would probab...