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Reviews left by Speck

Fri, Jul 17 3:05 AM Speck review of English Country Trance Blues by septahelix
Nice one, I'm diggin' the mellow.
Wed, Jul 15 3:00 AM Speck review of Break The Silence (the Wave) by Siobhan Dakay
Big sound. Powerful.
Tue, Jul 14 3:35 PM Speck review of forgottenland by airtone
Man, that's some beautiful music from the forgottenland. Top notch. btw - fw...
Tue, Jul 14 2:46 AM Speck review of Way Out There by Apoxode
Some serious mixing skills went into this seriously fun track. I dig it muchly. ...
Mon, Jul 13 3:11 AM Speck review of Hanging Improvisation by septahelix
Chill with a change-up. Nicely done.
Mon, Jul 13 2:42 AM Speck review of Euclid Blues by Javolenus
Sun, Jul 12 2:40 AM Speck review of BLM 8:46 mix by J.Lang
Can't imagine a better backing for this vocal.
Sun, Jul 12 2:32 AM Speck review of Inspretional Wave by khalafnasirs
A quiet beauty.
Fri, Jul 10 2:55 AM Speck review of ricardo by Martin Cee (softmartin)
This sounds (and feels) really good. Thanks for sharing.
Thu, Jul 9 2:28 AM Speck review of Mechanichal Meaning of a Peanut by Calyman
An excellent track (and sample share). And, I don't know if I'll do it but, i...
Thu, Jul 9 2:19 AM Speck review of Doxent Zsigmond - Forest Dreams - Stjørdal Winter Mix by Fex
Marvelous additions, just right.
Wed, Jul 8 2:30 AM Speck review of Al Faras by Stefan Kartenberg
Tue, Jul 7 2:39 AM Speck review of The Watered Down Lullaby by Radioontheshelf
A strong presentation, every element exudes intensity. Really well done.
Mon, Jul 6 2:49 AM Speck review of The Heart Of A Star by Subliminal
Very cool production. Great groove, deep synthness and complementary vocals.
Sun, Jul 5 2:07 AM Speck review of スーパー Supa Jaiantsu Spaceman by Bluemillenium
Diggin' the international blend. (Nice whistling too.)