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Sat, May 13 2:03 PM martinsea review of uncertain times (Duty Calls Remix) by Ben Blohowiak
like this very much : an intricate almost symphonic reworking of that simple lit...
Thu, May 4 11:23 PM martinsea review of The Prince With The Nails In His Hands by Radioontheshelf
Very much like the atmosphere in this one,Radio : the understated piano and that...
Fri, Apr 21 6:52 AM martinsea review of K A B A (Analog Mastering) by cube3 (Sjef van Leeuwen)
excellent !!!
Sun, Apr 9 2:56 PM martinsea review of Where Do You Go 2023 by Siobhan Dakay
emotional without sentimentality or romanticism
Sun, Apr 9 2:15 AM martinsea review of Unfurled Absence by Speck
Excellent !!
Fri, Apr 7 9:47 AM martinsea review of Still There Are Nights by Speck
Speck, this is a great track ! b u t there are some very talented arrangers on...
Fri, Apr 7 2:22 AM martinsea review of Ex Directory by Radioontheshelf
Radio, this is so good ! Such a beautiful unease in there. The track has so...
Thu, Mar 30 10:57 PM martinsea review of Eigengrau #16161D by Siobhan Dakay
Very sweet--but too short ! I wondered about the tinnitus, realise now that's ...
Tue, Mar 21 6:56 AM martinsea review of Famous Last Words (2023) by Siobhan Dakay
words fail me on this one, so beautiful, so moving, brings on the tears... best...
Wed, Mar 15 11:08 PM martinsea review of Dreams of Evil (The Star Butterfly Funk) by Proud Electrics
Great Remix !! One small gripe : the owl spoken word right at the beginning did...
Sat, Mar 4 2:38 AM martinsea review of I'm Alive (Drowning In Impressionism mix) by Speck
beautiful contrasts and contradictions here ! Like this very much. Best Martin
Tue, Feb 28 1:17 AM martinsea review of N O B O D Y 'S D A U G H T E R (ambient ver1) by SO SHA
Sha ! this is beautiful ! Only one thing though, I checked the legal agreemen...
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