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Reviews left by Snowflake

Sun, Dec 13 10:44 AM Snowflake review of ArtificialHorizon by MalreDeszik
you fit the pieces together so perfectly. my mind is buzzing on this sonic art!!...
Sun, Dec 13 10:43 AM Snowflake review of The Dreams Were by Mr_Yesterday
incredible imagery and emotion.
Sun, Dec 13 10:42 AM Snowflake review of Dreams by Stefan Kartenberg
i'm lost beside the ocean, dreaming of a warm sun -- hopeful despite the change ...
Sun, Dec 13 10:39 AM Snowflake review of Stay by Jeris
Uplifting crunchy rock, with those classic urmymuse guitar tones. This is a hit!...
Sun, Dec 13 10:29 AM Snowflake review of Dragonfly (tigabeatz/Darkroom remix) by Darkroom
a dreamy journey of meandering steadiness. the breakdown section about a minute ...
Sun, Dec 13 7:24 AM Snowflake review of Light In A Window by Loveshadow
I've been captivated - by the story, the emotion, rhythm, energy, and of course ...
Sun, Dec 6 3:31 PM Snowflake review of Forest Dreams by Doxent Zsigmond
absolutely gorgeous.
Sun, Nov 15 10:11 AM Snowflake review of Waiting For The World To Come Home by Radioontheshelf
Ah, the forces of COVID. I'm holding to my believe the universe bends toward evo...
Mon, Oct 26 5:55 PM Snowflake review of Season of Scare by Michael Burnz
creepy, scary, hippin' and hoppin' -- amazing lyrics and delivery. happy hallowe...
Sat, Oct 24 12:56 PM Snowflake review of We Rise by Briareus
honored to be included in this hopeful mix.
Thu, Oct 15 10:38 AM Snowflake review of Lenses of Shadows (ft Apophysia) by SackJo22
Haunting melodies, powerful imagery, deep artistry.
Mon, Oct 12 3:08 PM Snowflake review of Lurking by Kara Square
cleverly insightful lyrics framing our time of terror.
Mon, Oct 12 3:07 PM Snowflake review of Death is Lurking by J.Lang
wonderfully frightening!
Mon, Oct 12 3:06 PM Snowflake review of Movie Trailer Clips by bangcorrupt
Mon, Oct 12 3:06 PM Snowflake review of Time of Terror Samples Bluemillenium (Package) by Bluemillenium
brilliantly spooky samples. thank you!