Reviews left by shagrugge

Mon, Mar 2 10:47 AM shagrugge review of Horizons by Tekno_Eddy
And the coveted 6 colab oven roasted chickens award goes to...
Sun, Mar 1 6:50 PM shagrugge review of Tip Toe by Briareus
nice soundscape B
Sun, Mar 1 4:42 PM shagrugge review of The Business of existing by radiotimes
well there's a statement and a half. well done sir
Sun, Mar 1 4:38 PM shagrugge review of S*n*o*w*f*l*a*k*e*s* by Loveshadow
the melody alone is quite haunting as the camera glides me through the shadows o...
Sun, Mar 1 4:31 PM shagrugge review of we were just we by Tomas PhUsIoN
Phusion always phusin ill mixes
Sun, Feb 22 7:44 AM shagrugge review of My Language by Jui_chuan
did you upload the a Cappella? I didn't see it in the downloads. Thnks
Wed, Feb 18 9:15 AM shagrugge review of deflated, broken, improvising, and bugging out by DoKashiteru
Those Beroza guitar samples are a gold mine
Wed, Feb 18 9:09 AM shagrugge review of I Dream by khidir
and what a dream it was...dig the bends and twists that this mix took.
Wed, Feb 18 9:07 AM shagrugge review of U Became My Everything by fourstones
awesome mix V. If only porchcat were around to see what the secret mixter concep...
Tue, Jan 20 8:44 AM shagrugge review of Salty, Nascent, Just For Me by Scott Altham
some interesting melodic choices here and intricate melodic layering
Tue, Jan 20 8:34 AM shagrugge review of New Life (prog. funk) by The.Spirit.Of.Light
a very interesting take on this vocal
Tue, Jan 20 8:31 AM shagrugge review of Swanker (Justin's 'In Control' Remix) by Justin de Guzman
dig that dirty bassline
Mon, Jan 19 12:31 PM shagrugge review of New Life Vox by anjibee
Thanks for sharing these...very chill, very funky, very soulful and poetic.
Thu, Jan 15 9:36 AM shagrugge review of Flow is Special by rokamic
sweet, thanks for using my samples
Sat, Jan 10 7:42 AM shagrugge review of The Good News by radiotimes
Damn radio this is incredible, the instrumental alone is so powerful. Excellent ...