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Reviews left by ScOmBer

Fri, Oct 7 12:59 PM ScOmBer review of Mi Mane Amado by Speck
Just the right amount of dissonance vs structure serves up plenty of sonic surpr...
Thu, Oct 6 3:27 AM ScOmBer review of Talkin Bout by Apoxode
Very generous stems I like how you called your little samples folder 'seeds" -...
Thu, Oct 6 3:11 AM ScOmBer review of Mr Sun by Rewob
Love Ciggi's voice in this setting. Lush and rich. .
Sun, Sep 11 11:00 PM ScOmBer review of All These Colors ft ScOmBer by Apoxode
Awesomeness! Groove +++++ thank you so much!
Tue, Aug 30 12:53 PM ScOmBer review of Ordinary People by Zep Hurme
Nice upbeat rock track mate. It spooks me how integrated the band is 15000 miles...
Sun, Jun 5 4:26 PM ScOmBer review of UP2U by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Thanks Martin, a real fly on the wall kind of live sound. Thanks for the remix!
Tue, Mar 1 5:43 PM ScOmBer review of N O B O D Y K N O W S (airtone x so sha medley) by @CrazyLittleAsian
Nice feel. Love the spoken word bit
Mon, Feb 28 11:53 AM ScOmBer review of Hourglass MalreTyrium by Siobhan Dakay
Perfect mix of dissonant sounds with a pop chill sensibility that brings it all ...
Mon, Feb 28 11:33 AM ScOmBer review of Genesis by spinningmerkaba
Great live sound you got here mate!
Sun, Feb 27 1:22 PM ScOmBer review of Talkin' 'Bout the Weather by Kara Square
Thank you so much Kara! Love the drums and your backup singing takes it to anoth...
Wed, Feb 9 2:32 PM ScOmBer review of Girl in a Room by raja_ffm
This is just plain awesome. Any chance of posting some stems?
Sun, Feb 6 2:29 PM ScOmBer review of Cassie O by Speck
A trip down memory lane!