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Mon, Apr 20 5:59 PM s.c.mixer review of Don't look down by Kojo_Akusa
Deep, nice, with classic house sounds. Good work!
Mon, Apr 20 5:48 PM s.c.mixer review of Apologize (Styles Fun House Mix) by robbiestyles
A minimal, simple, but really enjoyable dance track Can be improved upon, of c...
Fri, Apr 17 5:22 PM s.c.mixer review of Apologize (Clean Air Dub) by Derek Wright
Nice , good vocal ambience! Lacks mastering maybe? Sounds a little flat.
Fri, Apr 17 4:49 PM s.c.mixer review of Apologize by LostieTS
Hey, very nice house track -- smooth, mellow, chill, sexy... Please don't stic...
Sat, Apr 11 7:54 PM s.c.mixer review of why the silence by urmymuse
This is cool . I'm not completely sure if the track was built around the vocal s...
Sat, Apr 11 7:50 PM s.c.mixer review of L'étrange histoire-Desert song by BoomShaak
Cool original track plus spoken word ... :P
Sat, Apr 11 7:32 PM s.c.mixer review of Stoned_dream by magmavander
Top-notch track . As a side note, though, this brings up the old topic of wha...
Sat, Apr 11 7:23 PM s.c.mixer review of november by raja_ffm
Seems that the calendargirl project went over 400 remixes by now (check her site...
Sat, Apr 11 7:18 PM s.c.mixer review of Lorelei by Bluemillenium
The instrumentation is great and the contrast between agressive and soft element...
Sun, Mar 22 7:16 PM s.c.mixer review of Crossing the Pond (Chillout Remix) by The_Extreme
Excellent . I guess Anji Bee will play this in her cool podcast. The intro is s...
Sun, Mar 22 7:07 PM s.c.mixer review of Summer's Arms by Numeron
Really lovely , despite being the "original plus spoken word" track that's not e...
Sat, Feb 14 7:18 AM s.c.mixer review of Pacific Heights by Tekno_Eddy
Great track, of course... but where is the sampled acappella???
Sat, Feb 14 7:00 AM s.c.mixer review of Guilty Pleasure by Tekno_Eddy
So all those well-known vocal samples are cleared??? Really??? :P
Sat, Feb 14 6:58 AM s.c.mixer review of Do You Mind (rock / soul) by The.Spirit.Of.Light
Awesome, fantastic Thanks for bringing this new ccMixter vocalist to my attenti...
Sat, Feb 14 6:36 AM s.c.mixer review of Ophelia's Song — Moontan's Arrangement by m0°ntan
Jazzy, chill, relaxing bossa-nova... great These vocals were remixed tons of t...