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Reviews left by rocavaco

Fri, Jul 4 2:37 AM rocavaco review of My Dreams Of Time by Speck
The "sax" sound reminds me of Joe Zawinul - who died much too young.
Sat, Jun 21 2:49 AM rocavaco review of Only You 1 by CSoul
Great background track!
Fri, Jun 20 7:37 AM rocavaco review of Anny Sky - Kaliningrad ( destinazione_altrove Remix) by Dysfunction_AL
If I would hear Russian radio I would expect exactly what you've made - great ba...
Wed, May 14 2:19 AM rocavaco review of You (Autumn Leaves) by keytronic
Very interesting match! Sounds great Although I'm in doubt about the CC licens...
Sun, May 4 12:58 PM rocavaco review of Sound of my dreams by Kraftamt
Spitze! Kannst wirklich gut umgehen mit dem Vocoder!
Fri, May 2 9:28 AM rocavaco review of In yr eye (ft. rocavaco, kirkoid, Javolenus & Hector Thillet) by robwalkerpoet
Yessss - I love this shakuhachi sound! Thank you for adding more samples. Alread...
Sat, Apr 26 4:33 AM rocavaco review of Auto Motor Sport (Automotor Mix) by Kraftamt
Super remix! Gefällt mir besser als die erste Version. Die Sängerin er...
Mon, Apr 21 3:45 AM rocavaco review of The Eye of the Owl by Platinum Butterfly
Perfectly cool and hot at the same time
Mon, Apr 14 4:06 AM rocavaco review of Spring Break at the Beach with a Kimono by SackJo22
Cool mix! Nice to hear the Taikos, my most reused sample :) Thank you for wearin...
Sun, Apr 13 1:48 AM rocavaco review of Jazzy Piano Tune by Jeris
Cool what you've made from the inspiration of a 3 second sample!
Wed, Apr 9 4:42 AM rocavaco review of Never let me go by Jeris
Fantastic work how you integrated the complicated vocals into the track! Like
Sat, Apr 5 8:13 AM rocavaco review of Here Comes the Light by copperhead
Very cool Mozart intro for morphing into a rock song later. Love it!
Sun, Mar 30 3:55 PM rocavaco review of Don't Get It Twisted by Zep Hurme
I was not a big hip hop fan - until today. Man I love this funky hip hop thing!...
Tue, Mar 25 9:19 AM rocavaco review of Gun & A Badge by DJ_Sapient
You did a good job combining the harp with the drums! And I know it must have be...
Wed, Mar 19 2:59 AM rocavaco review of Rain Falls Soft by Zep Hurme
Beautiful simple yet very effective arrangement - love it!