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Reviews left by radiotimes

Thu, Sep 27 4:58 PM radiotimes review of The Admirals Daughter by ScOmBer
Nice production with some great balancing of sounds.
Thu, Sep 27 4:51 PM radiotimes review of Saint Anthony's Fountain (Oblivion) by Victoria Melfi
Sounds like these two samples were meant for each other. Perfect blending of ...
Tue, Sep 25 11:21 PM radiotimes review of PC04 by unreal_dm
I had just read Javolenus' post about deleting uploads and this seemed to fit my...
Sun, Sep 23 4:56 PM radiotimes review of Let the Angels Take this Song by unreal_dm
Very classy!
Fri, Sep 21 3:35 AM radiotimes review of Dream of you by Da Rippa
Found this after listening to Loveshadows remix and did not appreciate the fact ...
Thu, Sep 20 7:48 PM radiotimes review of My Heart Beats So Fast by Loveshadow
What I like about this is how you have taken KCentrics hardline vocal and put it...
Thu, Sep 20 5:30 PM radiotimes review of Resolution Don't by TheDICE
Bouncy! Nice vocal mix.
Thu, Sep 20 4:41 PM radiotimes review of Man of Destiny (live) by Nethis
Yes time can be a vicious thief of our endeavours but you made the wait worth it...
Wed, Sep 19 5:40 PM radiotimes review of A Sketch of ANA by mando_curious
Kudos for going in this direction but it's a bit of a shock to the system from y...
Wed, Sep 19 5:11 PM radiotimes review of Fire by Fronz Arp
Thanks for taking the time to upload your vocals and to share them with the gang...
Wed, Sep 19 4:59 PM radiotimes review of House Of The Rising Sun by Javolenus
Ah memory lane time again! Despite the song being a traditional favourite, fo...
Tue, Sep 18 4:43 AM radiotimes review of He Forges Mighty Armour by Admiral Bob
I'm glad I came late to this in my reviewing otherwise it would have made review...
Tue, Sep 18 4:25 AM radiotimes review of Closer Now (Get Funky Mix) by Snowflake
Would never have thought that you would come up with something like this. It's ...
Tue, Sep 18 4:20 AM radiotimes review of Wishes by Jeris
Insanely good!
Tue, Sep 18 3:55 AM radiotimes review of Bottoms Up by texasradiofish
Fun with feeling. Great