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Reviews left by plurgid

Thu, May 29 2:47 PM plurgid review of The Sweetest Sin by Olenergy
I've spent a long winter immersed in acoustic music. You have reminded me why I ...
Thu, Feb 28 6:02 AM plurgid review of Virginia's Blues (Cyberpest Mix) by Budapest BluesBoy
That is a WICKED bass solo! WOW.
Wed, Feb 13 9:29 AM plurgid review of 116 Six feet under by frompast0
really nice.
Wed, Feb 13 8:59 AM plurgid review of Nadeya.(remix) by cagole
Holy World Fusion, Batman! damn, this is HOT, man. style reminds me of Zap ...
Wed, Feb 13 8:55 AM plurgid review of Ya rap - DjiZ remix by Kwame
Aaah ... Ah YEAH! that's a big-ass beat man. The kick makes it sound almost lik...
Wed, Feb 13 8:42 AM plurgid review of okayinmay by Lanzerote
SYNTHTASTIC got some royksopp tendancies. I can dig it. Great music to sip ye...
Wed, Feb 13 8:37 AM plurgid review of ya rap chandu mix by Chandan Boruah
you synced the vocals! nice work. could use some variation in the beat, maybe a...
Wed, Feb 13 8:34 AM plurgid review of stay alive by aidas
really effective setting of this vocal. It could be the original, really. Nice!
Wed, Feb 13 8:28 AM plurgid review of So Long Gone Blues by Alex
Awesome blues sound, man! well done!
Wed, Feb 13 8:18 AM plurgid review of Sanyan Sunrise (Could It Be Me) by Dan S.
this is nice. I'd have never thought of this vocal in a trance style setting. It...
Wed, Feb 13 7:11 AM plurgid review of Around Dusk (Treatment) by fourstones
DAMN! A new site AND a new track? When do you sleep, Mister Stones? great tr...
Wed, Feb 13 7:03 AM plurgid review of What Cha waitin 4--Yimair Remix by YimAir
yeah ... that beat is HOT, HOT, HOT!!
Wed, Feb 13 7:00 AM plurgid review of What Cha Waitin 4 - DT's Dr Strangelove Mix by two_curve
Damn ... that string arrangement at the end is niziiiiice!!!!
Thu, Feb 7 6:34 PM plurgid review of Rain Lament (Pretty Mix) by vo1k1
good God almighty! that's completely masterful.
Tue, Jan 29 8:27 AM plurgid review of August Trip Hop Mix by disharmonic
this is interesting.