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Reviews left by pinkcutiepie

Wed, Dec 19 3:03 PM pinkcutiepie review of the mistake (pyrex-version) by pyrex
awesomeness! I totally love your mix of my song! I like you you made it work out...
Wed, Dec 19 3:02 PM pinkcutiepie review of So Long by Briareus
Sweet mix! Sorry it took me so long to review. I really like this one. I like th...
Wed, Oct 31 5:14 PM pinkcutiepie review of The Mistake by slumberlords
awesome mix of my song! Totally awesome! Keep it up! ;)
Sun, Oct 21 1:53 PM pinkcutiepie review of Nunca hubo amor by Sr. Privado
that's so pretty! Your sister has a really pretty voice. She should totally set ...
Wed, Oct 17 1:20 PM pinkcutiepie review of Notice Me! by 3rd attempt
Sweet! Totally hardcore; I love it! It kind of reminds me of Linkin Park in a wa...
Tue, Oct 16 2:23 PM pinkcutiepie review of You Were Dead by Briareus
Another awesome remix! I really like this one. So cool. You totally rock!
Mon, Oct 15 2:06 PM pinkcutiepie review of How come you don't notice me? by Sr. Privado
O. M. G. !!!!!!!!! This is like, PERFECT!!! I almost had a heart attack listeni...
Sun, Oct 14 8:22 PM pinkcutiepie review of This Feeling by Briareus
another awesome mix from you! i totally loved it! Great job!
Sat, Oct 13 8:10 AM pinkcutiepie review of The Mistake by Briareus
awesome mix! it sounds really pretty. I might upload another a cappella today, b...
Sun, Oct 7 9:52 AM pinkcutiepie review of Notice Me by Briareus
OMG, I love you forever. It's a great mix! It's alright that it's not too hardc...