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Reviews left by pinkcutiepie

Tue, Apr 7 9:40 AM pinkcutiepie review of 52 After Three (Third Order Mix) by Phazor
woooh! that's super hot =) the beginning really hooked me in
Tue, Apr 7 5:18 AM pinkcutiepie review of Triple L by aurorahaze
sounds good to me =) a very pretty mix!!!
Mon, Apr 6 8:56 PM pinkcutiepie review of Clockwork by Briareus
This is so pretty, B. =) I always love ur remixes. they're so chill and hot lol....
Mon, Apr 6 8:53 PM pinkcutiepie review of Up Up Up Up Up - The Piano Mix by artemisstrong
what a ride of a song!! amazing i love it!! the piano and the whole techno gist ...
Mon, Apr 6 6:20 AM pinkcutiepie review of Crossing The Pond by Tomas PhUsIoN
hot! i like it =))
Mon, Apr 6 6:14 AM pinkcutiepie review of I want to (but I can't) by Scomber
eeeek i love it!!! the guitar is sick lol =)) thank u soooo much
Mon, Apr 6 5:30 AM pinkcutiepie review of Scott Waves to Aprils Salty Grace -dance mix- by J.Lang
pretty!! i love it =))
Mon, Apr 6 5:28 AM pinkcutiepie review of Down To The Minimal by J.Lang
wooo! thats hot =)
Sun, Apr 5 9:32 PM pinkcutiepie review of Stranger (Mothers Waiting Mix) by Vidian
awesome!!! the vocals and the music fit perfectly =) i liked the style too, it m...
Sun, Apr 5 9:21 PM pinkcutiepie review of The Cherry Pickles - Soggy Biscuit by Dan S.
lol i love it!!! this is so cute and fun!!! MADE ME WANNA DANCE!!! lol =))
Sun, Apr 5 9:17 PM pinkcutiepie review of Unspoken Thoughts by radiotimes
i'm sure OD will love this. i think it is a very beautiful remix and i love the ...
Sun, Apr 5 9:16 PM pinkcutiepie review of No Forever by oldDog
this is so beautiful. i feel the emotion in this. omg this is wonderful. amazing...
Sun, Apr 5 6:35 PM pinkcutiepie review of Wayfaring Stranger Under The Apache Moon 2 by mykleanthony
this is one of the prettiest songs i've ever heard =) the backing music is in cr...
Sun, Apr 5 6:31 PM pinkcutiepie review of Scared of My Own Blood by sunbyrn by mykleanthony
OMG this is amazing too =)) sooo pretty. it reminds me of a 90's ballad lol =)) ...
Sun, Apr 5 6:28 PM pinkcutiepie review of What Cha Need by mykleanthony
ok wow. =)) i love this!! the rap is amazing with the backing music. this is suc...