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panu (panumoon):

Reviews left by panu

Mon, Feb 22 10:30 AM panu review of Sticks and Stones by paniq
excellent . . . +++
Tue, Feb 16 9:52 AM panu review of Still Snowing by Apoxode
very cool retro-ish groove marinade. . . +++
Tue, Feb 9 8:58 AM panu review of 23:55 on the Disco Doomsday Clock by ScOmBer
yup. . . +++
Mon, Feb 8 12:37 AM panu review of Why I left for Boston by Siobhan Dakay
quite possibly the best & most intimate vocal treatment in recent memory. a ver...
Mon, Feb 8 12:35 AM panu review of Rain Watcher by Apoxode
excellent genre gumbo (hiphop/trance/glitch/pop/klezmer thingy). easy on the ea...
Wed, Dec 23 6:59 AM panu review of Amazing Grace by Carosone
Songboy is recovering from major surgery (see here http://ccmixter.org/thread/42...
Tue, Dec 22 4:33 AM panu review of Miracles by Walt Whitman by Mr. Pepino
Tue, Dec 22 4:31 AM panu review of Coin of the Realm by Siobhan Dakay
Tue, Dec 22 4:30 AM panu review of acoustic guitar mix by Stefan Kartenberg
Tue, Dec 22 4:29 AM panu review of grounded (instrumental) by sleeperspaceborn
Fri, Dec 18 1:34 PM panu review of Under The Christmas Tree by texasradiofish
Thu, Dec 17 1:46 PM panu review of citySkies by airtone
a peaceful healing quality to these beautiful tones. . . +++
Tue, Dec 15 5:26 AM panu review of Saint Against the Sinner by ScOmBer
excellent. . .. sounds like a record. . .+++
Mon, Dec 14 3:45 AM panu review of Shoot Me (Featuring Apoxode) by spinningmerkaba
Sun, Dec 13 8:43 AM panu review of Kung Fu Xaphoon by septahelix