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Reviews left by panu

Wed, Apr 21 2:23 PM panu review of bicycle by airtone
+++ +
Wed, Apr 21 2:21 PM panu review of TRANSMUTED ( Nā—‹ f{@r ) by Loveshadow
+++ +
Mon, Apr 19 9:16 AM panu review of Lil Snakes by Lil_Snakes
sent email urging separate acapella track. . .
Sat, Apr 17 9:34 AM panu review of CLR36 by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Sun, Apr 11 8:36 AM panu review of One Love by Zep Hurme
not sure how i missed this perfectly outstanding production. . .lighters in the ...
Fri, Apr 9 9:04 AM panu review of You're overreacting by Stefan Kartenberg
nice production. . . +
Wed, Apr 7 7:05 AM panu review of Dupe Dodging by Speck
Tue, Apr 6 3:31 AM panu review of Globe by the Thames by CamizziJ
Mon, Apr 5 3:32 AM panu review of Covid On My Shoulder by Radioontheshelf
Fri, Apr 2 2:18 PM panu review of When Dignity Is Lost by Radioontheshelf
as always. . . +
Fri, Apr 2 8:33 AM panu review of Pad synth - D minor chords by ceraalba
Nice upload. The default player here is mp3 so to make it easy for people to he...
Fri, Apr 2 3:25 AM panu review of Infinite Blanket - Vocals by Kara Square
timeless (and generous) offering from one of the best singer/songwriters in ccM ...
Wed, Mar 31 1:08 PM panu review of de Minor Madness by Speck
Mon, Mar 29 6:54 AM panu review of Cecilia Sings For Martyrs by Radioontheshelf
diggin' that distinctive RT sax, super vocal, too. . . ++
Mon, Mar 29 6:52 AM panu review of The River Drums by copperhead
realistic timbre, nice sounding sample. .. +