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panu (panumoon):

Reviews left by panu

Sun, Nov 8 7:32 AM panu review of Sonny Panu and Ciggi Cher by Radioontheshelf
great job on this, RT. you get my vote for "Best Cut & Paste & Align Job on a c...
Sat, Nov 7 5:57 AM panu review of Fashion by ScOmBer
Sat, Nov 7 5:51 AM panu review of Don't You Think That I by texasradiofish
sounds real good. . . +++
Thu, Nov 5 1:29 PM panu review of Hallows Evening by Stefan Kartenberg
Thu, Nov 5 1:28 PM panu review of THE MAN / MIX OF THE DAY by BOCrew
Thu, Nov 5 1:28 PM panu review of Supersonic by Admiral Bob
Tue, Nov 3 5:13 AM panu review of We Are the Dead (VR Graveyard Mix) by duckett
Sun, Nov 1 12:29 PM panu review of Drink My Blood by Siobhan Dakay
sounds great. . . +++
Sun, Nov 1 12:24 PM panu review of Held me close by Darkroom
really nice timbre on each element. . . good sounding track. .. +++
Sat, Oct 31 10:48 AM panu review of Panu's Bandstand by texasradiofish
lots of good percussion ideas here. . . i'm partial to the section with the blue...
Fri, Oct 30 7:35 AM panu review of Razor To My Wrists by Radioontheshelf
multiple 's +++
Fri, Oct 30 1:52 AM panu review of Acronyms (and other things) by Speck
Tue, Oct 27 2:52 AM panu review of Hallows Evening by ScOmBer
excellent in every way. . . especially enjoying the analogue 'not overcooked' pr...
Mon, Oct 26 3:23 AM panu review of The Eyes At Night by Speck
Sun, Oct 25 10:37 AM panu review of Searching for Lifeforms by Apoxode