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Reviews left by panu

Wed, Nov 13 2:00 PM panu review of Moods A Pro Coaxed by Speck
in my humble opinion, this is brilliant, sensitive, avant garde' audio. . kouzi ...
Tue, Nov 12 7:43 AM panu review of Wake Up America by Whitewolf
Tue, Nov 12 7:38 AM panu review of March of man by Stefan Kartenberg
really a nice job on this mix, Stefan. the bandolean & penny whistle parts are ...
Sun, Nov 10 8:03 AM panu review of You Were You - Kara Square and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
excellent mix. . . welcome back. . +++
Sun, Nov 10 8:02 AM panu review of No Te Hagas (Cali Crazed Remix) by Cali Crazed Beats
excellent mix. . . +++
Sun, Nov 10 8:01 AM panu review of Intoleranzen by Stefan Kartenberg
a treat for both ears. . +++
Sun, Nov 10 8:00 AM panu review of Saturday Night Fly by Scomber
great track!!!. . . many,many 's UP!!!
Sun, Nov 10 7:59 AM panu review of Microcomposition 1 2019 by essesq
lovely. . . good to hear from you. . . +
Sat, Nov 9 10:34 AM panu review of One in the Morning by Admiral Bob
i'd pay to see you do this live. . . great touch & tone. . x 675 1/2
Sat, Nov 9 10:30 AM panu review of In your eyes by K
really nice track. . i'd bring Leza up front a little more (and use a Natalie Co...
Sat, Nov 9 10:28 AM panu review of You... by Stefan Kartenberg
really like the uptempo against the sadness in the lyric. . .it speaks of real l...
Sat, Nov 9 10:26 AM panu review of I Still Have No Idea What I'm Doing by septahelix
really nice. . .lots of space & movement. . highly musical. . . ++
Fri, Nov 8 11:03 AM panu review of BIRDS Remix IMAGINE DRAGONS--DJ MADWHO by DJMADWHO
Unless you are the copyright holder this remix is a copyright infringement. Ple...
Fri, Nov 8 10:54 AM panu review of Senorita -Shawn Medis and Camila --DJ MADWHO Remix by DJMADWHO
gorgeous mix. . but only original music which you own the copyright to is permit...
Fri, Nov 8 10:51 AM panu review of You Were You by Kara Square
wonderful song. . . beautifully recorded. . . ++