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panu (panumoon):

Reviews left by panu

Mon, Jun 24 12:10 PM panu review of Your own life by reiswerk
Sun, Jun 23 7:58 AM panu review of Take the Time to Listen by texasradiofish
+ enjoyed the 'how i did this thang' notes. the mix sounds great on buds, ca...
Fri, Jun 21 10:35 AM panu review of Universal Rhythm (ft. spinningmerkaba and Scomber) by Apoxode
scary BPM. . . .but 's UP for going there. i imagine the beat markers on your ...
Thu, Jun 20 6:40 AM panu review of Cheat the Night by Scomber
outstanding track. . .
Wed, Jun 19 12:26 PM panu review of I Used To Think (ft Kara S) by Ivan Chew
Sat, Jun 15 10:46 AM panu review of One True Connection by Doxent Zsigmond
gorgeous production. . .
Fri, Jun 14 2:23 PM panu review of Hate Loses (Jazz Mix) by Whitewolf
great idea & well executed. . . just the right amount of swing. . many than...
Fri, Jun 14 9:16 AM panu review of Vocals - Rains On Everything (Minwen) by Ivan Chew
lovely. . .
Fri, Jun 14 9:15 AM panu review of Secrets of Egypt by texasradiofish
Thu, Jun 13 8:57 AM panu review of Loves Cliches by Radioontheshelf
Thu, Jun 13 8:56 AM panu review of Clear Heart by Speck
nice Roma flavor. . .excellent sound!
Thu, Jun 13 8:53 AM panu review of Hate Loses by Zep Hurme
just the right amount of cowbell, and ride cymbal bell. . . . and the other stuf...
Wed, Jun 12 1:56 PM panu review of Fish In The Sea by Zep Hurme
Wed, Jun 12 8:40 AM panu review of I Used to Think by Loveshadow
schweeet. . . .
Tue, Jun 11 12:01 PM panu review of Focus on Love by Jeris